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‘Abducted in Plain Sight’ and ‘Evil Genius’ on Netflix. What the actual fuck.

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Did anyone catch the Louis Theroux documentary last night? Have read two reviews and both criticise it heavily in its imbalanced reporting of the accounts which seemed to give too much of a voice to the purported aggressors rather than the victims.

quite enjoyed this. Some bloke decided he would run every street in SF

Michael Jackson part 1 tonight. It’s going to be difficult viewing and so much evidence that he’s a wrongun. Will be hard to deny it afterwards I think.

both of those…crazy.

I’ve watched part 1 of the MJ doco.

I think part 2 covers the trials and why the 2 guys didn’t testify against him.

I have no doubt so far that he did what they have alleged.

Part two is not simply about the trials. I’d definitely recommend watching it. In fact, it really completed the formula he had for grooming. It really becomes apparent how and why the two accusers didn’t speak sooner.

I feel like I could write paragraphs on this, but it’s difficult to devote the time at work right now, but the prevailing sentiment I felt was to question how the any parent could allow their children to get groomed the way they did. It just baffles me that they weren’t able to detect what was happening and to draw the line at sleepovers.

The parents in that MJ one needed to be taken to trial, they loved the fact that arguably the most famous person in the world at the time was talking to them on the phone all the time and jetting them everywhere. Now I’m not saying they were in on it, but i definitely think they let the rumours go just incase the “dream” stopped.

Yeah, I can’t fathom letting my kids do what they did but, it’s Micheal Jackson!, everyone loved him, this was before any creepy rumours, height of fame, you feel like you know him etc etc

Utterly bonkers but still believable.

Yeah like when you think of “Fame” on that level, i mean, has the been anyone more famous? Elvis, Beatles? Why would you think someone that big would be doing stuff like that? But when time went on, like i said, it then goes into the same thought pattern those fat mums have when they are blowing the judges so their kids can win beauty pageants…

On the MJ subject, Macualy Culkin was 100% in saying MJ never did shit, even though MJ staff said they saw it… I listened to a podcast with the child star and i tell you he has his head screwed on, he has no reason to lie but millions of bucks for a reason TO lie…

I hate the whole subject to be honest

Avoiding the MJ documentary, will never know if he did it or not and this has so so obviously been made with a clear cut agenda and is in no way going present a balanced account of what happened.

But if you want to be cynical you could say that maybe Caulkin is on a perma payroll to stick with that.

Who knows. All this docu does is heighten the plausibility. It’s always going to be their word against whoevers and the fact of who it is that money will always be a factor, cop out, reason for people to not give any claim creedence. We will never know the truth. The jigsaw pieces definitely seem to fit by how they portrayed it in the docu. The footage of him always being with the kids, the descriptions, the correlation between stories, the pics of neverland, the amount of locks on internal doors for example.

I think the weirdest thing about this is that many people will be in the conundrum of seperating the art from artist and if they do continue to be a fan of his music, how do you read into those old classic lyrics now?
Anything about love etc could possible be about these boys. Weird as fuck.

He’s bad, so very bad, not in the cool way.

well, yeah!

They say that monsters admit their crimes with their art. Bill Cosby joked about his special sauce on the Cosby show.

I’ve posted this before on the OG forum but I watched it again recently and then suggested it to someone who texted me asking for something interesting to watch (who I assumed wouldn’t be into it but they loved it).

A high point of BBC journalism.

Part 1 below. 100% recommended.

This is ridiculous. So good.

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Anyone seen Free Solo?