Documentary thread

Stereo. Optimo promoted it, and they’d already had a bit of grief after putting on Whitehouse (probably about ten years previously right enough).

The trouble with the Stereo show was the projections.

Yeah some quite explicit and not necessarily consensual content iirc.

Just googled coprophilia. Day ruined. Thanks.


Not the valance!


Not the Jhonn Balance!


ABP at some point, right? Anyways, watched this on Saturday night as I missed a gig I wanted to go to and was ill as fook. Fairplay, this was pretty well put together in my opinion.

Just a warning for anyone watching it with missus or weans around, it has a few bits of absolute carnage with crackheads (heads being kicked on floor and general fight malarkey, bumholes and fannies hanging out, peeing, pooping, needles in arms and all that shit). I enjoyed how much they went into the history of not only the spot, but around the surrounding area. Lots of interviews with different people that aren’t skaters, too.

I got to skate it last year and the ledges are high and pretty rough these days. It was pretty quiet and fairly early in the morning, so no chaos to be had (pretty sure it’s calmed down in recent years AND with it being made skate-friendly, too). However had two bag 'eds come out of the blue as I got the camera out to film and both tried to speak to me in French, which I know fuck all haha.

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Ah yeah, I posted this one before. Definitely worth a repost though - it’s fantastic

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@MaxFacePalmer -You’ll find a podcast episode and an Iain Borden and Patrick Sean Quinn interview that covers this spot in the Concrete Reality thread. (The interview covers Rom, Livi, The Turf and a load of others too).

Thanks @Scurbrampwoody I have not looked there yet

The excellent documentary on the great Tish Murtha (photographer of 1980s/90s working class life in north england) now up on Iplayer


Watched this at 6am this morning, was gonna post. Really great

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That graphic is about as appealing as Pat Duffy’s political views.


Telling you that Torey Pudwill is sort of the host isn’t going to make it sound any more watchable is it?

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