Don’t lock the Footage thread

Personally I think this is a mistake.
Leave that open and let’s decide by consensus on thread worthy clips.


what’s happening? when was the consensus to decide to do it in the first place?

I think Spanky and co may have got confused re everyone being stoked on the ‘Alright, Ok’ thread taking off and misinterpreted that as a collective request to shut the footage thread down.
Unlock it please mods!

Footage thread is also a major draw for lurkers.


ok sorry jumped gun there, I got about 10000 work things going on at minute, sorry. unlocked


Cheers Spanky x

Now let’s get Morph out early.


woah didn’t think locking that thread was discussed.

you see what i miss when you hide/ignore threads.
please tell me the cricket thread is still safe.


Need to reinstate me as a mod I reckon to avoid mishaps like this in the future.

When the old forum went offline I paid out my own pocket for a new domain and forum which was probably like £50-£100.

Then spanky set up this better one and banned me as a mod because I called Andy Anderson a cunt for wearing a helmet on my instagram burner/joke account.

Well lame if you ask me.


Start your own forum!
Jk, love you here Huggles.
Mods aren’t perfect, all of them have acted questionable in the past so maybe it was harsh but it’s done and I personally don’t see any difference in you as a participant, you just don’t have the privileges.
I couldn’t think of anything worse than being a mod to be honest, even if I have been in here more than ever lately.

Haha yeah I’m just a bit bitter that it was done and think it was totally ridiculous and petty.

I’m going to get crucified, but… why?

The dude had ammunition and kilos of heroin in his house… but just because he’s a skater and an ex-forumer that’s grounds for clemency?

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@Mews. It seems he was pretty much forced into that situation when reading into it.

That’s why I asked what I asked earlier because sometimes you’re just on the ride and nothing ever seems that serious, you don’t connect that what you’re doing is the same as the criminal gangs you see in the papers or hear gnarly stories about. So I asked if there was a point of realisation where he did make that connection and go “woah, i’m really fucking up here” or whether he has even got to that point yet. People still continue to be blase about what they do or have done because they have not made that leap or even care that they have become that person.
I’d like to think he’s made that connection and realised that he had become a problem and he’ll not make the same mistakes again. I don’t think anyone is letting him off for it all on here but we do know the person before from being on here and some even personally so can overlook these mistakes because of the knowledge of who is deep inside.

Assumptions etc.

Dude if you want to discuss why I removed your mod status again why don’t we do it over PMs, I thought we had closed the book on this situation. Unless you want to discuss it in this thread, which I’m also fine to do.

haha, come one, you know it’s ridiculous, there is no ‘responsibility’ to not make jokes on instagram (on an anonymous joke account) because you’re a mod on here.


There is this too:
Last year a good friend owned a recording studio and he was also in a band with my brother. He got bored and decided to sell it. A lad we all know, nice lad who used the studio, played gigs with us all wanted to buy it so they worked something out, everyone was happy until he started not paying. Long story short, he was liking his coke and his dealers started to use the studio as a local drop spot, owner got his shit for free etc. It got complicated, bigger gang from the “city” took charge, got gnarly, place got raided, all equipment seized, locked up, took a year to get peoples gear back. I never did get my PA system back that I installed. Lots of dodgy details and the lad fucked his life, disappointed everyone, financially ruined family etc etc. But he got in way over his head just so he could get his freebies.

Here is fine. Let the public decide if it was a good thing to do.