Earth Goblin - Heroin Skateboards

As it’s a full length by a British company of sorts, I thought it should have it’s own thread…


Dead Dave - What a good bloke, stoked to see him with a part in this :sunglasses:

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I wasn’t expecting this to be online quite yet & quite like a Heroin vid. Stoked!

This was enjoyable. Good mix of styles.

I am in awe of Dead Dave.

Tom Day’s back yard set-up is drool worthy.

Any cameos from the Palace team at all?! :wink:

Dead Dave? He’s the one that looks like Pat Sharp, right?

Liked the video. That 50-50, frontside olle, 50-50 on the fence post with a crusier board was sick.

Interesting that Thrasher would talk about Gou Miyagi and the gang, when he’s not even riding for the team anymore, let alone in the video. Wonder who they’ve got writing copy for this kind of thing these days?

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Obvs. But Gou hasn’t been on the team for a year or two now. I think he “retired” after the last one came out. Wouldn’t even need to watch the video to know that’ I guess it shows how little they are on Thrasher’s radar.

Day, Dave and Craig are amazing. Can take or leave the other dudes really. So great to see a full part from DD!! Bendy man.

When I lived with DD he was deffo more Roadman Dave

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Yeah I was stoked on Gou’s trick. I thought he’d given up skating and was now only riding his bike backwards, so was a pleasant surprise to see the rail balance is still there.

My mistake. Must have blinked and missed that one!! I stand corrected.

Dead Dave has another full length video part coming out in our next full length “FUNERAL” along side Deer Man of Dark Woods, Ben Grove, Myles Rushforth etc!!

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I loved it but I actually thought there’d be a bit of hating on Dead Dave’s part, so I’m stoked on how it seems to have gone down with people.