Election 2019

12 December. As if we needed this.

I really hope the Tories don’t come away with a majority.

Won’t be voting Tory, Labour or Liberals.

Boris needs to do this quickly because he’s losing grip on people. Once he’s been elected he’ll have confirmation that he can do what he likes and force this brexit shite through.

Fuck all this shit.

I hope the parties all get their shit together before we vote.


I have no idea who to vote for.

No idea? May I suggest checking https://tactical.vote/

Unless you heart the Tories, in which case focus your account


You ever read my posts haha.

I’ve a feeling the Tories will win here as usual.

Its telling me to vote Labour to get rid of the Tories. I can’t do that, will vote Green.


What’s the point if the Tories just stay in power?

I will have but don’t keep a spreadsheet of people’s political leanings


Yes you can, stick the X in the box


It confirms a solid 4 years for him to run a muck, whereas if he makes a hash of brexit in the next year people can call an election to get the tories out. I dunno, i’m no politics nut.

Surly if he runs a muck than the Tories will just hand the leadership on, Like Cameron did to May, May did to Boris. No election, four more shitty years.

Raving Loony Party for me, pretty much how I feel

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In Australia you get fined if you don’t vote, and rightly so.

Anybody saying they’re sick of all this and they can’t be arsed and it won’t make a difference needs to take a proper look at their life.


Him and the tories once they’re in, not just him.

well done australia, i cant stand it when people dont vote, people die for that right and you dont do it because you cant be bothered, drives me mad. even if you go an spoil your paper, at least its registered. im staying green and hoping for the best, this country is becoming a bit of a joke

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Who are these people that will actually vote Tory? I know a lot of people will try to justify it by talking about how bad Labour are but surely that can’t equal a majority voting for them surely?