Election 2019

I bet the percentage of people who don’t vote is the lowest it’s ever been this time.

Yeah, because these clowns are ‘sick of it being all over the TV’ and would rather accept everything being completely fucked than go to a polling place in the cold.

Our FPTP system is supposed to break the Brexit deadlock…how exactly? This is going to be a quite spectacular mess providing absolutely zero clarity on anything.

Only a referendum can sort Brexit out in any way.
There’s the deal. Do you want that or not?

How anyone could consider voting for the ERG (formerly the Conservative party) at this point is beyond my comprehension. Do people want an American style healthcare system and 10 days holiday a year?

If the lib dems and Labour don’t sort their shit out and agree to join forces then we are fucked.

Some people don’t look that far ahead.
There are plenty of those who have got their heart set on Brexit getting done because that’s what they voted for and that’s pretty much all they’re focusing on.
Wait until they see what else they will have voted for if they help put the Tories in power again.
As for the Brexit party, have they got any policies other than Brexit?
Imagine the people who will be voting for that party, sheesh.

The SNP don’t have any policies beyond independence.

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I always wonder if something as simple as the names makes a difference, ie Labour - ew no I don’t work with my hands, Conservative, well yes I am rather conservative. Maybe this is a stupid idea but people are stupid


No. Which is why the leave vote isn’t going to be anywhere near as split as the remain vote.

In an election that matters I think most people don’t really like throwing their vote away so I think most people who voted for the Brexit party in the European elections will probably switch to the tories.

As for the lib dems and Labour though, that’s way more up for grabs. What happens when a remain voting area goes to vote in this GE?

I can see the lib dems and Labour votes knocking each other out allowing what would have been a third placed tory the win.

Wouldn’t be surprised at all, with the amount of cluelessness currently on display.

“There’s something wrong with Labour, although I can’t remember what, and I don’t know who that Swinson woman is… Is she new? Anyway, Boris seems funny so I’ll vote for him.”


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Exactly. If the biggest issue the country’s faced since WW2 can’t get you to the ballot box, then you’re helpless.

First things first - I will probably vote Labour.

But…Conservatives are going to be given a boost by the fact that Boris got things this far and is in the best position to deliver brexit. I think conservatives will easily win unless Labour get a very clear campaign out - something as simple as ‘We will hold a second referendum if we win, the Tories won’t’ which Libs should support and for which they should drop their anti-democratic party line and go all in with Labour.

So that’s that then. Oh well.

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Yeah I can’t see it either.

Seen a few things on Twitter showing these sites can be suss, seems to be a few floating about. I’d suggest looking at election result history for your area on Wikipedia/ official council pages to get an idea who to vote for, seen some evidence of these tactical sites giving wrong info

EDIT: On closer inspection that site you’ve listed does actually give a legit 2017 election breakdown which is good. There are some I’ve seen which give you a result like a Buzzfeed quiz just simply saying ‘Vote Lib Dem’

Like this one: https://www.getvoting.org/

Seen some proof that it is getting things wrong in places

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Worrying that people could base their ‘tactical’ vote on an output from a website

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That’s one of those ‘Best for Britain’ sites made by that Rudi Shenk guy. American lobbyist and campaigner. Also produced:

WTF his agenda is I have no idea. How did you come across it?


Ok cool. Having googled them I remember now where I have heard of ‘Best for Britain’ - they’re the lobbyists that had the big George Soros donation.

Yeah scary stuff if it ends up doing the rounds, can see it appealing to people as it makes things super easy whilst also making them think they are REALLY doing their bit by being ‘tactical’

The one Jimvo linked seems legit however always worth double checking numbers on other online sources

Good point though I hadn’t actually checked that link beyond having a quick look