Epicly Later'd

New series. One a month according to O’Dell. First up, possibly the dude who had the longest career with the least amount of parts?


His skatings never jumped out to me and I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily an inspiring watch but he seems cool and I enjoyed it. Good to have the show back!

Yeah that was more interesting than I was expecting.
Sick style, amazing back story and post-pro life.
Big up Don.

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Enjoyable episode to start the season with. Wasn’t expecting it to be that interesting but it definitely was.

Nice to always be reminded that Staba is a kook as well.



I thought Vice had gone under?

That was fucking dope

Did an interview looking at a table. Glad he hated on him - wouldn’t have seen Bake & Destroy and everything else. Fs bigspin heel, fs pivot at the start is fucked

Some of that reminded me of this board:


Well good that

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What was the point of including him? His interview had very little weight. All it did for me was question if he’s ok, and why he agreed to do an interview if he clearly didn’t want to be on camera?

Very strange.


He seems a bit like Harvey Weinstein of the skate industry. Maybe he has some industry folk by the balls but when they become less relevant he’ll be outed.


In a cheeky slanderous mood tonight it seems. Eeek.

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It did seem a bit odd to drag him out for the whole ‘the reason he didn’t get on Toy’ … people don’t get on teams all the time for many legit and petty reasons. Does feel like there was more to the story.

I assume that all interviews with people cover multiple subjects, eg perhaps they were interviewing Staba for an episode around why he’s such a reviled dick and snuck that question in there to interleave into this episode

The next one is up!

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So good.

Spoiler: no Biebel interview.

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Someone put it best in the comments; ‘perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon’. Very uplifting stuff!

O’Dell calling him “Janowski”, fucking hell.


No Omar either.

Not fussed on Omar, I need an update on the state of BB.