Epicly Later'd

Reading about doing coke and actually doing coke are equally as uninteresting though.


Nothing as insufferable as a party full of people on coke whilst you’re sober…worse when it runs out and they all start arguing with each other over who snaffled it all :smile:


I just thought that quote was funny as we’ve all said something stupidly similar at some point in our youth. Like a friend that was partying too much and not filming, they turned around and said ‘Just use all my old stuff again, if it’s good enough for Tom Penny!’

You’re not fucking Tom Penny! Haha…


Yeah no shade on you @voodoo just hearing people talk about Coke like it’s anything annoys me. Has any good culture ever come out of cocaine use? Maybe a couple of Bowie and Lou Reed albums? Anything else?

Bun that corpo mindset drug


I love how noncommittal most people were to putting his habits out there then Dill pops up…

Person A - He was partying too much!

Person B - You could tell he was partying too much!

Person C - I told him you’re partying too much!

Person D - He was burnt out from partying too much!

Dill - He was my least favourite person to do crack with.


Yeah they sound like imbeciles for sure.

I’m too old to go out or anything like that and therefore don’t know much about what young people do on a Saturday night but reading that

really annoys me too.

How did we get here? Damn.

Remember when coke and heroin were in the same basket?

and now coke is like what you do on the tube to get you through the morning


Like most drugs, if you’re a dick, coke ain’t going to fix that.

And if you’re relatively nice, coke can definitely change that for the worse.

So, it’s mostly a lose more than you gain thing, but like some things it can be fun in moderation and if you don’t make it your whole personality.

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I only remember one vaguely funny night on coke and it got to 4am and I realised we were all just shouting in each others faces like we were all playing catch phrase or something. Went to bed



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Proper! Haha. When 4 people are telling 4 stories all at the same time. Gunna watch the AVE one tonight presume it’s good.

Cocaine is awful. My good pal has just got clean from 10 years on the pipe every night !


The funny thing is most cokeheads in Europe probably have no idea what the real stuff is like as they just buy whatever the mafia and dealers sell them which is really really far from pure coke. Oh well, it’s their time and money, why do I even care?


I used to buy really pure coke off a guy called Del/Derek. He was always off his face and had some crazy hookup from an old mate of his who was a big time dealer. He was doing loads of it himself and hooking me and a few other people up through a friend.

After a few months of this, and Del getting increasingly wacko…he ended up rolled in carpet and burned to death in his car.

I ended up doing jury service at the same time Del’s murder trial was on and I was in the lineup to be picked. I was stressing so much as I recognised loads of people from the pub walking in…thank god I didn’t get selected would have been a nightmare.

Anyway, the moral of the story is if you can only get crap coke be grateful because the pure stuff only intensifies the madness you’ll bring into your life!

Oh and obviously don’t do coke at all. It’s shit and only makes bad things happen.




ABPOS though.


That is fire. Hahahah