Equipment/reviews category

Thinking of doing an equipment and reviews category, so people can post about their gear. A guy from Finland has offered to make me a carbon composite board in any shape/dimensions I like, so just figuring out what shape I want as I got a twin tail coming in next few days.

Any thoughts gents?

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Sounds good I have some Lurpivs to set up.

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Sounds like you need to make a middle aged shred theme


i hate them


Warwick shoes.


Liked for use of word dissimulates, not for the shoes.

I guess this is what @buildafire was on about.

We have Bishs food creations perhaps you could have a thread colour matching shoes to your outfit. My first suggestion is a mad D3 colour way

It might be duller but at least we don’t have to read raging arguments every other day anymore.

I guess that’s what happens though when a forum has an aging user base. We can’t be regailing each other with tales of threesomes behind vert ramps forever…


We need more shoe-based controversial opinions. I’ll start, if you like.

The Evan Smith pro model is the best shoe DC has made since about 2008.

This one.


Kalis wants a word.


What’s that model Jaakoo always skates? Keen for a pair of those

Please can we have signatures.

Keen to get this set up and probably never skate it. Bearings are fucking expensive now hence going low spec. Big up skater owned.

Want to do a proper review on this. Never skated Sci-Fi or Lurpivs and gone for a slightly larger 54mm Forumla 4.


I’m eagerly awaiting the call of Pot noodle on the gram and head to Bay 66 for a session.

Hopefully if I’m
Annoying enough maybe I will feature.

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Think I’m going to go back to the Sour 8.375 I skated for a month. I’ve been skating an 8.6 but I just skated the narrower board and feels much better

Riding the same deck! Loving it.

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You get wheelbase on Sci Fi boards nice touch.

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That’s a rad setup, definitely Gifted Hater approved!

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Starting putting my gifted hater set up together last night.

Can’t change the bushings in Lurpivs which is fucking annoying.

Does anyone wanna buy a set of Bones medium bushings hahah