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I’m by no means an expert, but done a little bit of riding on flat and they’re absolutely fine. I haven’t skated anything else other than Tensors on a borrowed board in about 5 years, and they’re definitely better than those, but as for an Indy/Thunder/Venture comparison I haven’t a clue. My only issue with them is my own fault, because I didn’t have a tool when I last rode them and they’re at an uneven level of loose/tight so the front truck wants to carry on going straight while the back is trying to turn because I couldn’t be bothered to keep trying to wrap an ill-fitting spanner around the kingpin nut.

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Cool thanks man - I am far from an expert so no judgement here! Just know mine are turning too much. What colour are the bushings on yours? And as standard were they quite soft or tight?

whilst i didn’t dislike tensors in general, they have to come with the worst bushings known to man

Mine are loose and I like that.

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This sounds like a slightly paraphrased hip hop or RnB lyric. I dig it.

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oh you’re sitll here

when i rode tensors i used bones mediums. they were good but didn’t last more than few months. since i switched to inde and then thunder i’ve just been using stock bushings and they’ve been fantastic

Maybe if you can name the dinosaur that Spanky posted he’ll give you a second chance.


We need a new one surely

Or looking on the bright side it could be like a right wing where’s wally?


if you need any reminder of why Warwick probably shouldn’t post here anymore, the entire Equipment Thread has now been derailed heavily into this bullshit when we should be talking about truck geometry. @anon90826813 get the diagram quick


Right, so I know nothing about different deck shapes. I currently have two setups - a Karma deck with massive fat cruiser wheels, and an old Chocolate deck with sensible wheels.

I can’t currently kickflip, but I can get a lot closer on the cruiser setup, which seems odd. The Chocolate deck just will not flip.

Any ideas on what the different properties of these might be? Concave seems fairly similar, the Karma seems to dip into a pocket more fore and aft of the trucks - could this make a difference?

Obviously my complete lack of skill is the real factor here, but I’m just curious.

big chunky wheels could make it flip faster as there’s more weight perhaps? could be anything though really, having a completely different pop or geometry could mean you are missing the flick on the chocolate board

Maybe, I always figured it’d be the other way round, who knows.

To be honest it’s not really important as I’ve reached a stage in my life where I’ve accepted I’ll probably never learn to flip or grind again, but actually I’m quite happy just rolling around like the middle aged man I really am.


I honestly think that 56mm wheels are now my standard answer to any problem.

I went as far as 58/60 in the late 90s. Have been on the 52s from the early 2000s and 54s for the 2010s…
But wish I’d just gone 56mm fo lyfe.

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60mm / 72a on the cruiser. Honestly struggling to see any disadvantages for my ‘skating’.

53 / 101a just feels brutal on anything other than glassy concrete.

I was going to post something but then the derailment happened :sweat_smile:

Always struggled with the stock Indy bushings, too soft for me even after breaking them in, but the Indy 90a cylinder aftermarkets are just right - stage 11 139. Could probably go to the blue ones (94?) without issue too.

I have bones mediums on my older set up but don’t like using them without the top washer, and with the top washer they’re turnyish but too tight. That’s in stage 10 139.

I use spitfire soft d’s 56mm now probably around 54mm 92a I find them a nice balance between soft enough to not make your fillings fall out and hard enough still to slide a little.

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56/95 old Soft D’s on my ‘cruiser’ - the older set up which was relegated to beer runs.

On 52/99 radials on main set up but need to go bigger as I’m skating more crusty places on my own that I find on google maps these days and 52 is too small. Hoping to see some bigger radials arrive in the shops at some point, or maybe go bigger with a slightly lower duro. Dunno. The gear madness sets in then lol

Both sets on 8” set ups.

You guys may have just made me see the light with wheel size.

I always run small wheels for the aethetics but I weigh a tonne and don’t flip my board.

I think running a 55m might actually make my fat ass more stable.