Bones hardcore bushings always help, I find. Medium is a safe bet, unless you want a super-loose or super-firm feel.

@Spanky /moderators you’ll see I decided to come back. I’ll be taking full responsibility for my posts. If I say anything unreasonable or abusive, or offer to fight anyone outside, feel free to ban me, just as you would for anyone else behaving in the same way.

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Unfortunately @Warwick it’s not your decision whether you post or not.

Please don’t contribute or post to the forum, I feel it has been a better place without you.

If you do decide to keep posting, I will probably ban you.

Your decision.
For what, though? For what I say, or because about five other members tend to get worked up and have a pile-on, whatever I say? I was posting about bushings there. I wasn’t intending to post about anything more controversial than that.
It’s right that you exclude disruptive members, but I get a sense of double standards here.
Leaving me aside for a moment, look back at what happened when @anon660436 complained about cancel culture. Yes, he ended up getting worked up, and yes, he got temporary bans as a result of that, but no-one else got banned, although others wound him up by saying some pretty abusive things. Then look back at my posts on the Brexit thread, put whatever personal views on the matter you might have to one side, and look at the language used, and who was using it.
As I say, I’m interested in posting about skating. You can ban me if you like, but do me the favour of being honest and balanced about why you’re doing it.

I haven’t got time to properly respond to this and won’t have for a few days.
I know Spanky has a lot on his plate, too.

I will leave this here for you to digest. It isn’t great and it isn’t the way I’d like things to work but I do feel like we have all been put into a difficult place on this one and are trying to figure a way through it which works for the community which also doesn’t eat up hours a day for mods.

From the simplest side of things, for me - both sides were going overboard.

I do see your double standards angle, but then you have to remember that the other side are people who have a proven track record over years and years of actually being valid, contributing members whereas your side is someone with no record of really contributing positively or engaging the community as we’ve been over before.

Quite simply, removing you from the conversation meant the people who had been previously active and positively contributing would go back to being so.
It was and is the simplest and fastest way create a happy and safe space for almost everyone to post in.

The important part I want to get across right now is that as we (and everyone else in this world) are so busy, we just don’t have time to spend an hour or so a day on here everyday breaking up bullshit arguments.

I wasn’t involved in the conversation but you weren’t banned and from my understanding, you agreed it was a good shout to step back.

It has been a couple of weeks and you’ve decided to post and publicly let the owner of this private forum know what YOU are doing regardless of your discussion or any agreement between yourselves.

First off, he doesn’t need any reason at all to ban you. Thats how private spaces work. If someone came into my house and I didn’t want them there, I do not need to give an explanation as to why.
That explanation comes with respect, which is earned.

Secondly, if I were you, I would have DM’ed @Spanky to talk to him about posting again rather than place what looks like a public call out.

Finally - and I’ve not checked timestamps - but it has been a matter of weeks since you last posted, I believe. Like I say; you weren’t banned. You were asked and you agreed not to post as any conversation you have inflames now. We needed to get past that.
However, to let that settle, I’m afraid this is far too short of a time for you to return without quickly going back to the bullshit, IMHO.
I actually thought we’d see you again towards the end of the year and hoped things would go better.

One more thing which is worth bearing in mind - this conversation over you not posting was not out of the blue. We had - mods and users - asked you time and time again to act as part of the community which you ignored over and over.


If you really wanted to post Warwick, you could have just created a new account and identity. You could have then let your words going forward define you, rather than your reputation.

But you didn’t do that, so clearly you enjoy the notoriety at some level. I feel the forum has undoubtedly been a better place without the effect you have on others, so it would be nice if “Warwick” never returned. That identity is burnt.


I kind of enjoyed watching everyone take the piss out of his prehistoric opinions.


I didn’t know that! I thought it showed your actual details when you created an identity. Worth knowing

Yeah, I think you are right.
The only issue there is I think it would be totally see through within a few posts as to who it was as the theme and engagement would give it away quickly.

…which might mean we are back where we were a few weeks ago again.

I posted on the sidewalk forum for years as Half Man Half Debauchery, and everything you’ve said here underlines every point I previously made. How you’ve all rushed to the defence of someone who, as I stated, is presenting himself in complete contradiction to who he actually is. That being someone I’ve known personally for 35 years. Someone I’d have taken a bullet for, someone I’ve let off with so much unbelievable shit throughout the decades purely because he is a complete fanny without a glimmer of emotional intellect, and someone who can’t piss on a friend when he’s on fire. That last bit right there, that’s what will last for the rest of his life. He wont be able to hide from that fucking enormous, puss-filled, grotesque fact, not ever. A fucking complete fraud of a man who no doubt deeply regrets having made an enemy of me.
I posted, clearly not well, totally sideways fucking no right, in the mental health thread (ha!) and got nothing but a sad bunch of twats all piling onto me (even though everything I said was true) rushing to one another’s defence. And you don’t even know each other. Nobody reached out to ask if I was okay, when even a blind man could see that I wasn’t.
You’re shower of fannies.

I mean, tell us something we don’t already know.


I hope you are getting the support you need now. Honestly.

From my understanding, you’ve been let down by a mate and that sucks, but I don’t need to read about it publicly or want to see it plastered here publicly.
Honestly, that isn’t me being a dick - it just is nothing to do with me or probably most on here but I think I can safely say that everyone would appreciate it if you didn’t air dirty laundry in public.

It’s between you and whoever the other person is and if they aren’t responding, then maybe it is best to just leave it in the past?

I understand that isn’t the best or easiest solution, right now but it might be in the long run.

Either way, let’s keep it as pleasant as possible on here, please.

If you want to talk, jump back into the MH thread or feel free to DM me (Although I probably won’t get chance to reply for a bit. Work/Child/Work. that’s why I’ve barely been on here lately).


Yep. Lets take this back onto equipment now, please.

DMs or the appropriate thread for anything else.


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Ha! hugs


I had only commented as you had just reffered to me as someone with no record of really contributing positively or engaging the community, which isn’t true.

Your posts have agenda and you didn’t respond to any questions posed at you. You skirted around every one and responded with barely relevant one sided facts. THIS IS WHAT WOUND EVERYONE UP ABOUT YOU! You seriously need to take a look at yourself. I don’t want you to be banned but I do want you to get a fucking clue.

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Are you talking to me?

I take it you’re not Warwick then?

if not, ignore my comment, it was aimed at him.

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@Norrin_Radd i wasn’t talking to you yesterday when you responded to a comment I’d made about not engaging and Flambé wasn’t talking to you above, either.

We were both talking to someone else.

nah he said in the first post he’s HMHD off the old forum

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Missed that. I thought it weird that Warwick would set up a new account as suggested and then his first post would be about being banned.