Equipment Thread

I want one.


I paired some new Thunder 149s with an old Krooked 8.38 Worrest twin tail and it seems perfect. Was over thinking things after watching Ben Degros gear videos and reading the slap forum so nice to find what feel likes the right setup for me.


Just set up a Dead Dave board with some 215s I stole off a longboard I bought on Facebook marketplace.

It’s surprisingly fun.

I currently have a 5 ply deck with carbon fibre/slick and can confirm after 6 months it’s still stiff as the day I got it, same pop etc. Can recommend.


Where was your one from again? I would be interested in trying one which didn’t look as gash as the Santa Cruz ones.

You can contact the dude as well if you don’t like the graphics. Next time I think I’m going to get an all white slick.

And he made a completely custom shape for me, which tbh he absolutely nailed 100%. You can see exactly what I gave him to go on here.

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I’ve gone from Powell flights to VX decks as they’re lasting the same amount on time now that I’m landing more consistently over the bolts . Tried VX before powell flights and would break them between 4-6 weeks .
Both Powell and the VX decks use a fibreglass layer, no carbon. This is a problem with the Powell decks as they damage easily around the edge of the board and go flakey and crispy if they take impact from a ledge corner.
The VX deck doesn’t seem to do this anywhere near as bad.
Plus the VX decks are always on sale at half the price of a Powell flight and have a better shape.
Definitely keen to have a go on the slick version as I love a long front nose slide -when I make them .


Gents looking for a little advice
I think I might be getting a new deck for my bday either a Opera Beast or Opera Dragon
Looking for some new wheels to go on it, got a few in mind but just can’t decide on size
Thinking 56mm but not sure, any advice greatly received
I only skate transition (not very well) not interested in street and flip tricks etc

You’re going to need some opera shoes


If you don’t have a size preference already, then 56s will be fine.

Don’t have a preference, just can never decide which would be best for me
I guess there isn’t a massive difference???

I was obliquely referencing that yes, if you don’t have a preference, then anything will do.

You’re probably best sticking in the 53-56 range. 56 is a good all around size if you aren’t doing anything too technical and favour transition and need to generate a bit of speed.


If you were to suggest the ideal set up for flat ground, what would it be? There’s the obvious bits like smaller, narrower wheels, some low trucks maybe, etc but get specific. Wheelbase, concave, etc. I quite like the nerd talk on Slap on this kind of thing but wanted to see what the collective opinion here was. I want to make one last push for relearning some tricks and the current whip is built for comfort and stability rather than anything technical.

I followed Prof Schmitt’s advice as I wanted to get tre flips back (managed 3!)

Smallest thinnest wheels I could get were Fast (FSWC) Lites, 50mm. 15mm riding surface.
Thunder Hollow Lights
Primitive Hamilton, 8.125. I like the concave, pretty flat. Wheelbase is shorter than what’s apparently ideal for me (14.25 as opposed to 14.5-15)
No risers.

Works great.


I can definitely say that Indy 215s and a 10.1 inch board is less than optimal.


@ParmoViolets how tall are you roughly? i love flatground and found that wheelbase made a bigger difference to me than almost anything else (although i also like narrow-ish boards at 8" and relatively flat concave)

worth maybe also watching the Ben Degros video on pairing trucks with “fingers of flat” on decks as this can alter the effective wheelbase as well as the tail length yada yada yada

5’9” but chunky, about 15 stone. Relatively big feet too, 10.5

I think shorter wheelbase as you’re 5’9" and maybe 8.25 as you got larger feet

But just like prof schmitt says you tend to just ‘figure it out’, maybe try some diff board widths from friends. What size you ride now @ParmoViolets ?


I’m nowhere near a shop and it’s gets expensive going through boards by ordering them, trying it and selling them on with damage. I don’t get out enough to make it worth that investment. Wheels are usually 56mm+, standard weight trucks, board usually 8.5 (don’t know latest wheelbase) and usually have risers so might just go with with some 50-52mms, no riser, hollow truck, 8.25” and maybe drop the length and wheelbase a bit. Might start with the Crail G027 actually. I like a long tail.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll try out some of those vids too