Equipment Thread

oooh, that’s nice. I have a couple of these bags for lugging skate stuff around. They work pretty well. All skate bags get pretty scruffy quick though.

“Spilt Duffel design”



This is the Nike bag, it’s great, about 12 years old maybe now

Ah just found it, Nike SB ‘Shuttle’ backpack

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I was actually looking at gun/rifle bags as they are pretty similar in size to a board. Look on aliexpress

I’m looking for a board bag and that looks ace, but no way am I paying £250 quid for one.

94cm should do it

Are you wanting you board enclosed? I picked up a vans duffle bag with board straps in America a few years ago for about $40.

There’s an updated design you can find for £50-£75

FWIW I got that bag for my daughter’s pads. £28 in the Vans sale last Jan. Big enough for a day out and about skating. Drinks, snacks, shoes etc.

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Hi guys any recommendations for soft wheels just been skating a local car park tonight and it’s pretty rough. Both me and my daughter have 99a wheels.
I know most people will say dragons but not sure I can warrant spending £100 for 2 sets of wheels
What are people’s thoughts on ricta clouds?
Or any other suggestions?

My son has a set of Ricta Clouds, 78a. Might take them for myself as he hasn’t skated in over 3 years now and probably never will.

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I’ve got some Ricta Clouds and a set of OJII Plain Janes. Both good on rough stuff, but you have to put in extra effort if you want them to slide.

Yeah, you aren’t sliding anywhere on soft wheels (unless they’re dragons or soft sliders).

Unfortunately you won’t know whether you really want/need your wheels to slide until they don’t as expected. One time I got some bones 99a wheels by accident and I couldn’t stand them after less than 30 seconds riding them

Ricta clouds 78a are good cruiser wheels. They’re best on the really rough stuff. Dragons are more like regular skateboard wheels that work on a wider range of surfaces. Not as smooth as clouds but smooth enough not to rattle your teeth out on bumpy ground.

For what it’s worth I have both hard wheels and Clouds but I find myself using Dragons a lot these days- I can ride to the skatepark and at the skate on them. Although people talk about their rough ground performance I find they actually work really well on smooth wooden surfaces.

These just arrived. Gold anodised forged baseplates, inverted kingpins, axle width/board width embossed on the hangers. A bit lairy? Probably. Especially if I pair them with a set of lime green dragons, rather than my usual white wheels. But that’s what I think I’m going to do.

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Grind clearance vs Ace

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Anyone got any experience of dragons and nano cubics?

I bought some for my daughter. Felt soft, slow and shit. She rocks 52mm 99 F4 Radials with Bones Swiss now. Bit of overkill for a 10 year old innit :rofl:

I bought some nano cubics and sold them. I actually like dragons and don’t find them slow compared with my usual 97 or 99a wheels on either streets or smooth wooden skateparks. They do grip a little differently and sound a bit different to harder wheels and you’ll either love or hate that. But nano cubics are wide and offset, so it’s like going one size wider in your trucks. If your wheels usually line up with the edge of your board, with nano cubics they’ll stick out a little.

Oops got a new deck.


I have some dragons and they are soft enough for Stockport’s crumbly car parks. I’m not much of a slider but they do the job. They are lethal if you run over some moisture on a smooth surface though.