Equipment Thread

I don’t really get it either. It never bothered me for Smith grinds and I almost feel like it helps locking into feeble grinds. :man_shrugging:t4:

Thought it’d be fun to see how things have evolved as I got older.

June 2019 versus July 2024.

Magenta Soy Panday, 8.125, 14.25 wheelbase, 144 Hollows, Spitfire Formula Four Classic 52 99A
I skated loads of popsicles like this for a couple years then last summer I got a 8.375 popsicle BA because it was really cheap and I had never had a BA board. Started skating 8.375 popsicles after that. Haven’t touched this one since filming pressure flips for a TOTM last summer. Kinda thinking about setting up a fresh 8.125 to see how it feels again. Hhmmm…

Magenta Ben Gore, 8.375, 14.25 wheelbase, 149 Standards, Spitfire Formula Four Classic 52 99A
Been skating this shape (same as the two BAs I got (ended getting two, yes)) a lot since last summer. Feels very comfy at that new skatepark where I don’t flip my board much.

Real Tommy Guerrero 8.5, 14.12 wheelbase, 149 Hollows, Spitfire Formula Four Classic 52 99A
Skated this shaped one a lot last winter, and another one the winter before that too. Favourite board in years. It’s perfect. I wish Deluxe made it again. The shorter wheelbase makes 360 flips easier (compared to the 8.375 popsicles with a longer wheelbase) even if it’s an 8.5. Ledge bluntslide marks, I’m so cool.

Real Tommy Guerrero 8.5, 14.12 wheelbase, 149 Hollows, Haze filmer wheels 54 85A
The first TG I had, it’s old now but perfect for a crusty spots setup.

Magenta 7.875, 14 wheelbase, 139 Standards, Spitfire Formula Four Classic 52 99A
I sometimes skate this one as a regular board, doing tailslides and shit on it. Perfect for breaking in new shoes or just fucking around. It’s old but I can’t get rid of it because of the Coliseum sticker, hahaha. I love it.


Love those Magenta decks

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Yeah man, my mate still distributes those among other things and I usually get the older ones for mad cheap or even for free. Generator wood, fuck yeah. I usually get the team boards that have a coloured bottom ply and tart them up with stickers.

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that amount of boards would last me (and I calculated it) 15 years


You have kids, I have cats and chickens.

I made the TGs last (not that hard in indoor wooden parks) but otherwise I usually skate a board for a couple months then donate it.


I’ve got an old Hockey 8.5” set up that is in decent nick. Stood on it the other day and can’t work out for the life of my how I used to like riding this thing!

Currently on a 9” Anti Hero 15” WB popsicle with Ace 66’s and some big Sabbath wheels. Bit silly tbf but it’s comfy!

Previously was riding a 8.75” Anti Hero Blue Meanie shaped board that I got bored of!


Not sure how I even started doing it. Just did and then never changed. Probably would of made life easier if I had.

Had another Polar 8.125” arrive today, same deck as I bought in Jan and just gripped this afternoon. Apart from a Real 8.28 over the New Year, I’ve ridden the Polar 8.125" consistently for about 5 or 6 decks, so a few years now. I hope they stick around as a company for much longer.

You’ll find the same BBS shape with a DLX or Magenta graphic even if they don’t stick around but I can’t see them disappearing anytime soon.

Isn’t the Real 8.28 noticeably shorter than the Polar 8.125? Does that bother you?


Not massively different length-wise, although the Polar is 32". Internet says 31.7". The wheelbase is a lot different though, 14.25 vs 14.1, which made my trucks feel too responsive on turn in. Width wasn’t an issue, I reckon I could happily go up to 8.5 as long as I can keep the weight down as I favour lightish set ups.

I didn’t hate the 8.28 but didnt get on with it too well and once I noticed too many stress cracks I gave it away. It is currently serving one of the local kids very well haha

Yeah I’ve been wondering about how this DLX 8.28 board would feel and came to the conclusion that it would be too small for me.
I skated 3 Crailtap Skidul shaped boards that were 31.625 long which was really short but it worked well with the 14 wheelbase, plus it’s a shaped board so getting used to it is part of the fun in a way.


I’m walking home in the rain with my board under my sweatshirt after a session at the Selfridges bowl. Think I’m going to order one of these. Don’t know why I’ve waited so many years to get some sort of rainproof sleeve.

That’s pretty great. Feels like a no brainer for £10.

I probably spent more than that on bin bags when catching the bus to go skate an indoor park when I was a kid.

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Use mine every time I go out, well worth the £10.

Stops old ladies asking you to kickflip although twice I’ve been asked why I’ve got a hunting rifle with me…


This is how small the Decathlon bag folds. Complete bargain for a tenner

My lucky mum now gets to post one to me.

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Having spent more time on the Spitfire F4 93as… The Spitfires are definitely just harder than Dragons. I haven’t ever looked into if there is any reliable measure of durometer but having ridden them for a while now, the Spits feel basically like Bones X97 or maybe even a bit harder than that. I liked the Spits better than the Dragons when I was home in London. There I was skating some smooth ground/nice spots along with some crappy tarmac and crusty stuff and they felt like a good balance. They are alright at a concrete park too, if a bit slow compared to a proper hard wheel.

But now I’m back in the mountains in Switzerland (I live half-half), I remember why I liked the Dragons so much. They handle the weather-affected (freeze/thawed, cracked) road surfaces and spots better than the Spits, they have much more of a ‘proper’ soft wheel feel, yet still slide well and have decent rebound (though they definitely mute the pop more than the Spits). That’s probably it for my unrequested wheel nerding for now!


Are you Lawrencium? Whereabouts in Switzerland are you?

it’s literally the point of this thread and i love it

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