Equipment Thread

1 year anniversary of me getting formula fours & bones swiss next month :heart_eyes:

might take them out for dinner to celebrate


was looking at trucks online

saw Tensor have magnesium trucks

I think magnesium helps lower blood pressure.

I don’t think having trucks made out if them would do much though. Just get some thunders.


I need new bearings… Are they worth it?

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currently waiting on my indy titaniums to come in 2 weeks

Will they spark while slappying curbs?

I had a roll around on a pals alien workshop deck the other night and was quite impressed with it despite it flat shape which I usually dont like.

So I went a bit mental and bought a workshop twin-tail deck, which spurred me also pick up new bushings and bearings. Had to be done as it wouldn’t matter if the board was twin tail I’d know which truck was which, the stock indys have split and peeled.

I had Tensor magnesium. They grind well but won’t last as long as most trucks. The turn wasn’t great, may have improved now. They’re light but you don’t need really light trucks. Any decent trucks will do, Independent, Thunder, Venture…

I snapped every pair of tensors I ever had. Finally switched to Inde and then Thunder, haven’t snapped any since

Magnesium trucks make a nice noise on metal but I swear they grind worse on stone

+1 for Thunder. Best name. No nazi affiliations


Someone here said they do something to brand new grip tape to make it less grippy. Who was it? I’d like to learn more of your mysterious ways

Edit - semi-related, has anyone noticed a new or different backing paper to Jessup? I don’t like it

Doesn’t everyone give their grip a quick sand with the off-cuts to take the edge off?

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I never usually do but I was given jessup ultra grip the other day which is more abrasive. Gave it a once over with a corner piece.

+1. Give a freshly gripped board an all-over ‘wipe’ with an off cut, just to take the bite out of it.

And also the bit on the nose where you grab it so it doesn’t kill your thumb.

And hard around the edges to melt the glue down nice :smiley:


That’s the routine :+1:t2:

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I do the edges but never the middle. I normally fuck it up somewhere as well, usually between the rail and tail on my heel side.

Gripping a new deck is one of life’s pleasures for me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yup. And plopping on* a couple of stickers.

(* actually, taking too long to consider choice and placement)


sorry late reply been away! absolutely 100% worth it, not popped and still feel fantastic

think i got the 60 quid ish ones

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i sand mine down loads :slight_smile:

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