Famous people you've met who were cool / dicks

That’s ace. He’s a techno DJ now right? Wonder if he pings

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Had a beer with @neddy once in Oxford.
Supports Newcastle so is a dick! :wink:


Seems that way.


Had a skate lesson with Kris Vile. He taught me backside 180, rock fakie, axle stall, and fakie shuvit. This was me coming back to skating after 15 years off it. Lovely guy and never got rock fakie and axle stall since but hope to again. I don’t think he’s teaching skating again sadly but that session was rad. He’s a really good tutor.

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Yeah what a legend, spoke to him on the Sunday at Bloc 2015 (maybe 2016 who knows) while I was 100% blasted and he was very sound

Stevie was much less of a dick than I expected at the DGK demo years ago.

Met Alan McNich and Magnus Walker at Le Mans who were both lovely. I had a Toyota tee on so Magnus made me shout “PORSCHE” as loud as possible in a Dick and Dom bogies style.

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I once had to photoshop/crop/edit a bunch of promotional photos at the request of the lead actor (recognisable British tv actor) because his knob was too big and it was very noticeable through his costume


Arto Saari, Tony Hawk, Big Narstie and Stacey Solomon were all sound.

I haven’t met him, but David Attenborough sent my son a letter so he is also sound.


Was working at a Radio 1 festival on the iplayer coverage one year, Dave Grohl was waiting to be interviewed in the radio truck and killed time by coming to sit in our truck and have a brew with us lot. Pretty nice bloke.


I was once in line for a Virgin Atlantic flight…about 20 years ago.
I kept staring at this bloke in the first class line because he looked so fucking much like my dad did when he was younger.
I got caught looking a couple of times.
It was only once he’d checked in and walked past me and smiled that I clocked it was Dave Grohl.

Not a chance he would have known why I was actually staring.

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When I worked in Oddbins Nick Frost came in and after a while asked me to recommend a bottle of wine, he bought it and came back a week later and got another one, was well friendly. I wanted to fan out over Spaced (don’t think he’d done any films at that point) but I played it cool hoping he’d be a regular and we’d become friends and eventually fall in love but that didn’t happen.


You can’t drop in something like that and not name them! Unless, of course, you’ve got an NDA or something.

I need to know if Steve MacDonald from Corrie is packing a draught excluder.


My bro bumped into Dave Grohl at a temple in Japan, spoke to him and got a pic on his new mobile - one of the first camera phones which Dave was quite impressed by. Was sound apparently

This was full resolution…


Print it out and frame it.

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Saw wife’s friend in Chelsea at her place who had a friend over. He was this australian dude who told this incredible story about how he got hammered and basically got into a car chase with the police then was hiding behind a bush or something when he had a sudden moment of clarity and said to himself ‘Hang on…what am I doing?’. His delivery/timing with this story was superb and we just sat around drinking wine all night laughing our heads off. Apparently it was Brendan Cowell who was in game of thrones and I had no idea who he was but he was great company.

OK just read that back and it sounded thoroughly disappointing, sorry


…with all your other stamps


Not really met any famous people. Best I can do is Eddie Hall (former worlds strongest man) lives around the corner from me and his lad went to the same school as my kids used to.

He seems sound in person but in some of his ‘media personality’ he comes across as a dick.

I’m guessing @Chopper has some stories?

Met Kool Keith and had a pic with him after a gig in Bristol, sound geezer. He also signed my fiver.

I was getting pizza with my mate in Reading Fest '15 and bumped into the boyos in Slaves, also sound and were down to chat for a bit.

I met Wet Leg at Greenman last year and I was very, very pished. They were all lovely despite me barely standing up straight and talking absolute bollocks.

Met Jamal Smith when the Adidas lot came to Swansea for this little festival they done, was cool to chat about his music and just about Philly.

Oh and I shook Lee Perry’s hand during a set and said ‘‘sappnin’’. He was causing a bit of drama for security that night by continuously pulling people up onto a very small stage haha.

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