Film Thread

Good non skate films in here please.

Really enjoyed The Disaster Artist.

Into the Spiderverse from a few months ago was one of the best (animated) films I’ve seen. Loved it and bolted home from the cinema in a vain attempt to start making some hardcore particle systems and VFX inspired by the movie, and failed, hopelessly.

yup loved that spider man thinger. visually so engrossing.

also watched alita battle angel, def flawed (rollerblading lol) but really enjoyable.

Been off work ill for the last 4 days so been watching a bunch of films

Standoff at Sparrow Creek - pretty decent debut film inside a yank r-wing militia following an armed attack on police. Worth a watch. 4/5

Into the Spiderverse - I have no huge interest in all these comic book films but found this enjoyable. Good soundtrack as well.

Peterloo - I like Mike Leigh and I’m a dyed in the wool commie, but I confess I did slightly struggle with this - it is very, ahem, comprehensive.

Sorry to bother you - Given how much I love The Coup and Boots Riley it’s daft it’s taken me this long to watch it. Utterly excellent

Sorry to bother you so funny.

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Saw Us at the weekend, wanted to love it and there was some great bits but on the whole was a bit all over the place

Lupita Nyong’o performance was incredible

I do not follow comic book type things either but was attracted to this and thought my son would enjoy the cinema experience.

Took my then 5yr old to watch this and had to leave early because he complained about a few things to get out of being in there so I missed the end.
Watched it again in full just this weekend so I could see the end.
Really nicely presented artwork wise with some nice amusing touches.
Pretty good.

Into Blue was convoluted and trying too hard. Never felt real.

Sicario 2 was bangy bangy and dumb

Think I’ll watch Withnail and I over and over again x infinity

Us was hilarious. I ended up laughing waaaay more than I thought I would.

I think to get the most out of it you have to go in with a bit of an expectation of what it’s trying to do. When I’d read a bit more about it I see completely what they were aiming for and I think they achieved that. You shouldn’t have to read about it though.

Yeah it was much funnier than expected but some of it felt horned in and out of place

As for what he was trying to achieve or ‘say’ I’d say that is a bit more murky and don’t think he really achieved anything. Was a bit of a mess and sat in that middle ground between ambiguity and having everything spelt out and for that reason it really didn’t work. It all fell apart towards the end and he was trying to cram too much in it felt like he even lost track of where he was going with the film.

Get Out was so good because it was speaking on a wider issue but the world he created felt actualised despite being high concept and surreal. The world of Us just felt half baked and didn’t work at all (could go further but would be dropping pretty heavy spoilers)

Not to mention the middle hour or so was pretty generic horror movie fare.

It is as though the pieces of some sort of social message/ statement were there but didn’t quite click together properly

That said its good to see a film gain mainstream recognition that is trying to do something a bit different even it didn’t quite succeed.

The opening was amazing also…

I don’t feel at home in this world anymore, currently on netflix, is really good. A really dark comedy.

If anyone’s seen Blue Ruin or Green Room, The Director of this is in both those films.

Agree about Sicario 2. It’s not even that it was a bad film, it’s a perfectly decent action piece. But compared to the first you realise it’s lost any depth and nuance the story had, it’s just surface level. Didn’t mind the end too much but yeah, most of it was uneccessary

So the new Star Wars was originally meant to be Ep7 but they scraped it and went with The Force Awakens instead. The whole plot outline has been online for years, even Disney can’t be this stupid again, can it?

Society will collapse before Star Wars ends. Nice thought.

Isn’t it time for Star Peaceful Resolution? Star Compromise?


went to see Pet Sematary.
completely different to the original (film not book, nerd), they changed loads. so much so that i rewatched the original when i got home. turns out apart from it being the girl and not the boy its exactly the same and i can’t remember things very well.
anyway, it was shit.


Ha that’s a great review

Danny Boyle is making a movie about Alan McGee and Creation