Film Thread

Finally got around to watching Dune. I wasn’t bothered with it before because the David Lynch 80s one was one of my favourite films as kid. It was so fucked up and weird. I didn’t feel like a 2021 reimagining would be worthwhile but wow I was wrong

Completely blown away by the scope of it. They explained things so much better than the rambling insanity of the 80s version. Hyped for part 2 now, will definitely go to the cinema for it


I really want to catch this as well

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My wife isn’t particularly big on Sci fi and generally hates esoteric mythology crap but she enjoyed it too

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Knew nothing about it beforehand - the trailer sells it as more of a space adventure / battlefield movie than the geopolitics love letter to Zendaya looking over her shoulder in slow mo all the time. Good film all the same, but it does drag on in parts.

Watched JoJo Rabbit recently, fully enjoyed it.

New Matrix is not good. I really wanted to enjoy it but so much of it felt off, and the ending was bollocks.

There’s some cool bits in it, and the early plot has enough meta layers to keep you interested, but it never really gels together into anything substantial and it never really feels like a Matrix film. Which may be deliberate, but for me it was a bad choice if so.

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So so so good. Properly cried at that bit


Couldn’t get past 30 mins of it .
Absolutely pointless film but gave people work.

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Can’t deny it was fun seeing Keanu and Carrie on screen together again, but yeah, it didn’t need to have been made.

The further out we get from the original, the more it seems like first The Matrix was pure beginners luck on the part of the Wachowski’s.

i thoroughly enjoyed Matrix 4.
i’m not even sure if hitting the brilliance of the first was ever going to be possible; 4 did explore some great ideas.
Doogie Howser ffs, haha

Kingsman 2 was a shadow of the first one sadly. like they pencilled in a first draft, then forgot to take it further

I like the collective amnesia of everyone forgetting the last 2 were borderline unwatchable.

Saw dr strange, was alright but a bit shit also.
Couple of evil dead 2 references in there which I liked.


Just watched The Babadook for the first time. Absolute cracker of a film. However the reason I was watching a film in the first place is because I can’t sleep, which makes it rank pretty high on my list of Worst Decisions Ever.


First time I saw that film I was in a very traditional style house in Sydney. I was a bit on edge that evening, ha.