Financial/Investments thread

On the off chance that anyone else is into this.

Wondering if anyone can help? I’m looking for a daily/weekly newsletter, with paid subscription or whatever, to feed me share tips (what to buy, what price to stop out, etc). I used to get the Wagner Daily and that was good but is US stocks only, and having to adjust/buy/sell daily was a bit of a nause, especially if I missed it.

Before anyone says managed funds, I already got money tied up in those, I have some spare cash I just run into I want to stick into some shares I manage myself.

Anyone use anything like this?

honnestly how hard is this sort of thing and how much money do you realistically need to get going/how long before you see any returns etc?

If you like gambling in any way and have degenerate tendencies then don’t start.

Read the Naked Trader which you’ll finish in a day and it will tell you all you need to know including how to do it.

look into’s Vanguard funds - I had a small amount in a stocks and shares ISA (no good to you now you’re in Tallinn, but…) which did pretty well in a short period of time. and are good places to start digging for info too.

i always want to try this and then i just get lost and confused.
is there anywhere i can just give someone some money and they sort it out for me?

Yep, and that’s why they’re called brokers.

I’ll give it a look. Wagner daily was great though, told you what percentage of your pot you should put to xyz, set stop losses, etc. Basically want a weekly UK version of that., just whack your money in, choose some funds you like and away you go. I’m up about 5% this year and I chose all my last funds hammered at 2am.

I got funds covered, I’m looking for share tips!

Btw when are you in Helsinki, wife taking me there for my birthday on 26th

This weekend till the 24th, just missing you unfortunately.

You can start with any amount as you should be working with percentages. To make the trading fees as low as possible you should start with a minimum of 1k to start off with, but be prepared to lose all of it.


Start saving a percentage of your income in an account you never ever ever ever touch wih as high interest rate as possible. Either that or riskier stick it into some funds. Once you see the compound interest mount up it gets addictive.

It’s all about good habits and puting the money away and not touching it. You aren’t based in UK though are you?

Why not let Robbie Fowler, Football Legend turned Property Magnate, advise?

my wife told me one time she had signed up for an investment talk and stong armed me into going too, it was robbie fowlers pyramid scheme.

it was so obviously a pyramid scam with paying to get the next level of information etc it was unreal but people were going for it.

it woman doing it hard sold it with the, i only work 5 hours a week, heres pics of me in exotic locations with all the money i make etc.

she got massivly pissed off when i said its basically a pyramid scheme then, shut me down with a load of misdirection and then wouldnt even look at me when i wanted to ask her more questions.

people were lapping it up though, poor suckers

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Why do people not see the same rehashed model?
A mate’s missus does ulility warehouse and to be honest they could save us money on our bills so we signed up for the service but fuck that whole pyramid side scheme where you can recruit people to get your bills down and more. It’s still the same pyramid tagged on the side of a standard business model.
I guess as long as their are people who want to do as little work as possible for the most profit these schemes will always be around. I like it when people cotton on to how much work is involved to get to the stage they have been sold on, they don’t last long doing it.

Anyone else in here trading forex or matched betting?

I thought about it around the time all these instagram scam pages started popping up and never took it any further. Just didn’t know where to start then, everything felt like it was going to rob you