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now i’ve started reporting every forex ad i get as being sexually inappropriate they seem to be popping up less (for now), my matey from kettering who’s living in vilnius runs his own channel but it all still seems like a load of bollocks…

I actually thought it was the people in the profile posting those comments, like they’d been brainwashed or whatever, but supposedly the scammers screenshot a whole account and recreate it.

Yeah it’s a minefield. So difficult to wade through and know what’s legit or not. Worse than skateboarding!

What’s a legit route?

You want to trade for yourself? Or invest somewhere to trade for you? @ForwardMotion

I think i would want to trade/learn myself. I guess naturally would then have enough knowledge about how it all works to then push else where later

I’ll pm you

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Best book if you want to get into trading is ‘The Naked Trader’.

You’ll know if it’s for you or not by the first couple of pages but it’s the most simple book to understand. It’s really for beginners.

I bought this off your recommendation hugo. Think it’s on my kindle. And can’t remember it as I got it ages and ages ago :grimacing:

Will give it another go though as there were always really good reviews on it

I read the whole thing and decided not to ever get involved.

“If you’ve ever stood at a fruit machine too long then this is not for you, it requires discipline and emotional detachment.”

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This is a great quote. You got to plan your trades then trade your plan. So easy to get greedy. I did my first little trade yesterday, made £17. Got 3 on the go at the moment. It is so easy to get carried away, have to stop yourself, can totally see why it’s not compatible with some people’s personalities.

Yeah, you have to take emotion out of it and stick to your plan. This is the hardest thing for anyone.

The theory of gambling or trading is easy but losing your head and going against what you are supposed to do because your gut says something is dangerous. Especially if a trade is going the wrong way and you have to cut a loss.

I suppose this is why using bots to trade for you is such an attractive option. But if you don’t fundamentally understand what you’re doing or why, or understand how it all works, you can get yourself into a right fix if you don’t understand proper money management. You won’t have the first clue how to dig yourself out of the hole you’re in. I love this shit

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Honestly I don’t really think anyone here would get much value out of day trading, unless it’s just something you’re interested in as a hobby or if you want to work at a fund or something. Investing is meant to be long term.

Nobody (I expect) is going to be trading the kind of volume that would make it worthwhile, nobody knows anything that everyone else doesn’t. It really is pure gambling, especially nowadays.

All advice I’ve ever had is it’s better just to set up a regular payment into a vanguard fund or whatever, and let the pros manage it… obviously once all debts are paid off, unless you think your returns would outweigh interest.

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Got to say, I’ve been thinking about getting into this too. Only small time. Just want to dip my toe and see how it goes.

What makes you say that @Snurp, you work it it yourself?

I done match betting for a bit. I done all the easy offers. Bet £5 get £5 free and stuff. I got onto some of the harder ones. Think I best £100 and got the same free, but then I had to roll it over a larger number of times. And coupled with that my bets at the book makers kept winning so more and more money got stuck with them. Then the lay bets had to be larger and things. So I tried making smaller bets that I thought would work in my favour. Then my offer expired and lost my money couple of hundred pound. So I stuck the loss on my credit card and gave up there. I didn’t fancy getting into different accounts in different names at different address. In the beginning I made money yes and it paid for a stag do and bits and pieces, but in the end I lost and called it a day.

Not myself but my dad spent most of his career in an investment bank so I’ve always been interested in it.

I think the main thing is you get into the market early, you gain compound interest on any investments you make over time, and whether the market or individual stocks go up or down doesn’t matter long term, because over time the stock market has consistently risen on average (but that’s not to say that will indefinitely). That also helps take the emotion out of it.

So if you buy into a fund, like a Vanguard LS or an ISA like Natwest Invest etc, the important thing is that you’re in the market and your portfolio will be rebalanced over time to account for risk, perhaps by shifting to bonds when equities are volatile for instance, or by focusing on different territories so you don’t get wiped out if a country goes through some sort of event.

That and the fact that if you’re trading at very low volume (like if your portfolio is worth less than 6 figures) any short term changes to stock prices make such a small difference to your overall value it doesn’t even seem worth the effort, or the trading fees.

That’s just my opinion anyway. You might want to be more hands on, but the risk involved in picking your own stocks is so much higher that it doesn’t seem worth it to me.


That said, not poopooing anyones ideas or hobbies or whatever. It is interesting and I’d quite like to give it a go too, just not with my own money haha

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Probably a good time to sell all those AstraZenca shares I’ve got lying around. Just need to figure out how to do that…