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That said, not poopooing anyones ideas or hobbies or whatever. It is interesting and I’d quite like to give it a go too, just not with my own money haha

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Probably a good time to sell all those AstraZenca shares I’ve got lying around. Just need to figure out how to do that…

Read yesterday the Tesla shares have gone up 700% just in the last year alone. There are regular people who invested a few thousand earlier than that who are now multi millionaires.
Apple shares were 41 cents in 2004, now $134. £50 worth would now be worth £33k ish.Where’s that DeLorean?

Does anyone here do Vanguard? I’m about to jump in cos Premium Bonds are even shitter now the prizes have been cut

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Premium Bonds absolute waste of time. I donät invest in Vanguard but hear loads of people do.

Their funds show annual returns between 2-19% over last few years which seems too good to be true but I’m tempted

I put £100 into NS&I premium bond about 8 years ago.

I check it today after years or ignoring it, and it’s still worth £100.

Maybe its time to close that account and invest in some new shoes.

Which Vanguard fund are you looking at? They have a lot. Most people think of the Vanguard total market fund. Watch the fees, platforms like HL add their own fee. Vanguard is weighted towards tech companies - Facebook, Google etc… Are you happy investing in them for the long term? Most Vanguard funds are buy and hold so you need a long-term horizon.

Vanguard is a passive fund. For more active management of holdings look at Fundsmith.

For anyone who is saving for a house deposit I’d recommend the moneybox life time ISA. You get the bonus each month depending on what you’ve put in compared to the help to buy Isa where you only get the bonus when buying a house. There is penalties for taking out the money etc, but just handy if anyone is saving like me.

Good advice. If anyone is looking at investing you should do it through your pension if possible, but if not through an ISA - applies for cash and shares investments.

Vanguard LifeStrategy fund, mix of bonds and equity tracking global stocks and shares.

I put 2.5k into premium bonds a while ago, mainly because a mate, maybe 17 years ago sold his house and stuck something like 40k in bonds and basically got a decent regular monthly wage out of it. Those days are gone of course, and I have not even checked my bonds in so long so, who knows, It’s pretty safe in there for now, would be nice for it to make something at some point but all this shit goes over my head, out of choice and laziness though. I’m not stupid I’m just lazy.

Ok well there are four Vanguard Lifestrategy funds to choose from. It’s a sliding scale of exposure to bonds vs stocks. Bonds, like premium bonds, pretty much guarantee the security of your initial investment and pay a small percentage. Stocks on the other hands give you a share of a company, your initial stake is not secured and it could go to zero but you may make more money over the investment term.

Depending on how you feel about risk vs reward pick a Vanguard Lifestrategy fund that suits you.

If it was me I would ignore those Lifestartegy products and pick the most stable Vanguard fund (probably one of their total market ones like the Total Stock Market Index Fund) and put 75% of what I have to invest into that. Then I would put the other 25% into Fundsmith which has a higher management fee but is more actively managed and should generate a better return.

But also…I’m not qualified to give financial advice so ignore me :smiley:

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Oh, also do this through a pension (SIPP) or ISA to get all the tax benefits.

my dad had something similar and would get a pretty regular £100-150 a month I think

I use a paid-for subscription signal service (a bit like eToro, but you have to manually enter the trades before markets open) to trade US stocks. Is pretty good, I get the email at 6am, enter the trades in for the day (takes about 5-10 mins in the morning). Over 2020 it’s made +54% so stoked with that.

Just moved my SIPP over to be self-traded as well. Currently don’t have a coin in ISAs as (a) I don’t think I’m allowed as I don’t live in UK any more and (b) I make more in forex trading to make more than the ISA does once the tax is taken off.

I am sure forex trading is going to take off and become more mainstream. It is more risky than ISAs though, but properly managed you can make a solid 5% a month. But it’s not easy to do yourself and there are a lot of scammers out there.

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My friend put it all on Silver pre covid and made 1.5m. Obviously he had no idea what would happen.

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Plot twist: he initially put in 2 million


He’s not short of cash but his investment did go absolutely fucking mental haha.

Just put a couple of grand in to buying crypto currency, fuck its a rollercoaster, baller to peasant throughout the day.

I put a little bit into XRP when it dumped, is already up 20%

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