Financial/Investments thread

Ah yeah nice, only started it in May but I do £50 a month into the Life 80% fund

Return on that s&p 500 has actually gone up since I last checked two days, was 9% it’s sat around 11 now :joy:

Im in Australia now so I’m looking at their VDHG fund (seems to be the equivalent of an LS fund that everyone goes for here) but hesitant to actually do it for the same reason.

China will fucking definitely invade Taiwan either tomorrow or as soon as the Covid/Ukraine situation levels out. It already shat itself so I probably can’t lose that much.

Also, they’re all diversified anyway so the gamble is way less about what to trade, it’s more whether cash is better given the global outlook.

Yep my split is like 43% USA, 26% Uk, some in Europe and rest is round the world to try and avoid hot spots

Just came to say it pleases me that you guys are looking at funds and trackers rather than punting on stocks and crypto.

Just please don’t start a Mikey Taylor social media advice channel.

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I put £100 into BitCoin and bailed when it dropped to £58. Missed the boat I think. I do know a guy who bought one for £200 a few years ago. Hope he kept it until the £50k peak.

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