Financial/Investments thread

Yes it’s in watford. It’s horribly convenient for everything especially the film and tv industry so want to stay put for now .

And yeah I’ll be looking for a fixed rate so my housemate stays and pays half .

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Some kid in my stories talking about how good his signals are. What the fuck is that? Tips on Bitcoin investments? From a 15 year old?

I looked it up and I’m none the wiser. I’m all for it though. I think.

If Tories slash police budget, invest in G4S, stuff like that? Lovely system isn’t it

the homie lukas from kettering who now lives in vilnius has a telegram channel with thousands of people subscribed to it for ‘forex signals’, from what i understand people post what trades they’re going to make and people copy them? goes completely over my head like

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this is great advice by the way and if i had more money i’d put more in here

cheers @Snurp

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I only really understand reverse funnel schemes.

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Haha stoked, cheers I just wish I’d followed my own advice

A guy I know just left his job to do crypto full time. Feeling like I should try to get some dough into it but also aware things like this need suckers / newbs to rinse. Also it’s hardly ethical but then again neither is hsbc


Of all the traders on YouTube I only know of 2 that are completely legit and transparent with their earnings, not just from MLM and affiliate deals. There are plenty of people making money from it but I doubt they are giving away their secrets. There are thousands of people making money from offering training so beware.

It’s easy to think you are best trader in the world with crypto as generally it tends to go up, but making money in both directions with proper risk management and bring consistent is what separates good years from shit ones

I’m staying away from crypto for now but I do have a small amount of BTC I’m holding


Are bitcoins a thing now?

I bought a few hundred in 2009 I should probably check on.

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If they’re from 2009 they’ll be expired now.

forward them to me and I’ll check for you


What’s your fax number?


Yeah why would you bother offering training if you’re making loads of money? Sus.

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