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see i was rinsing Lallana on here the other day and someone piped about how great he was. massively overrated imo

Damn straight, hope he does well again at Spurs, even if he has his own private jet…

And was injured and subbed off after 44mins in the first game of the season… Ouch.

Haven’t done much with Shaquiri, which is a shame as he scored 2 against MUFC which lead to Murinho’s sacking in a 3-1 defeat.

Well overrated.

A one year loan deal? Seems a bit pointless. Build a team around him and he’s off again.

Bayern, Inter, Stoke. Can’t all be wrong… heh.

Was talking about Lallana. I like ya boy Shaq.


It will get extended for a second season then his Real deal is done.

Sounding like £20mil for a season long loan.

yeah Shaqiri is great, cannot believe he languished at Stoke for all those years. can’t believe he even signed for them

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Won a treble at Bayern went to Stoke. Bants.


Stoke and Bayern are on a similar level, everyone knows that. Especially Wolves fans right now…

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I’m happier we’re not playing you guys next though, it would’ve been annihilation.

Brighton Portsmouth game was good. 4-0 good goals, lot of youngsters. Crazy save from Brighton’s keeper as well.

Sooo does Bale have to quarantine for two weeks because he’s coming from Spain?

Nah ‘bubble lyfe’.

I’m peaking for Bale. Haven’t been this excited for another clubs signing in years.

Officially PortuWolves FC :joy:


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The Nation is home.

Is that recent? Getting rid of that silly haircut would be a great move.

No I think this was when he left Spurs

The cardigan and knickerbockers are more concerning.

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