Football Thread

Second half was the game it was billed as. Maybe I’ve got my old gold and black tinted glasses on but I think we just about deserved to win. And I am purely saying that as we got the ball in the back of the net twice (one rightfully offside mind). Leeds play beautiful football going forward though.


You swine

State of Carraghers suit


That Leeds team is full of proper twatish looking lads who, if they weren’t playing football, would probably be slamming shots in Vodka Revs.

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Just seen the post match interview with Coady. Comedy gold.

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Dreadful. Looks like something Junior Soprano would have worn.

Absolutely love the dude!


Used to love the one on call lane.

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Hmm Utd PSG or Birmingham Norwich tonight. Tough call


Please turn up Neymar and Mbappe. This United defence needs another battering!

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This is somewhat unfair on Corrado Soprano

Is someone still sore they paid £15 for the privilege to watch United batter their team? Newcastle the only club that makes Maguire look like he’s worth 80million, haha!


Hahaha. Nah just severely dislike that lot since the Keegan days.

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Bro you don’t need a reason to dislike Man U. Its like Arsenal. They’re there to be disliked

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Rofl man u third kit is utter shit

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Lololol - are they fucking getting this retaken? Fuck me.

What a fucking farce

Another United penalty, of course.

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