Football Thread

Is that pop star Pink in the SA defence?

And that SA forward is fast as fuck.

Sarri out of confirmed.

A penny for the thoughts of Aaron Ramsey :thinking:

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Is no one talking about how the US team has a player called Pugh who is number 2. There is no way that isn’t deliberate

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Also, Chilean goalkeeper is a boss. Four or five world class saves already

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Watching soccer aid on ITV.
Roberto Carlos just did this

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Soccer Aid is always a good laugh. Each team’s second goal was an absolute banger as well.

How the hell do you even control a ball like that

Excuse the amazing music, @Spanky there is some absolute fire in this video.

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Heja Sverige.
They’re both through so this match can do what it likes, so long as the US lose.

Edit. Seconds after posting that, the US score…bugger.

I thought the Cameroon women’s team were about to go on strike after England’s second goal just before half time. Second half is going to be spicy.

Switched on for the second half, can’t help but feel bad for them.

How has VAR been so shit for this competition when it wasn’t anywhere near as bad for the men’s world Cup?

France just had a perfectly fine goal ruled out

Paddy Power have already paid out on bets for Newcastle to be relegated

There is probably less than £100 on that market, but they got a free article out of it…

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Not sure I like it.
I like a more initial, natural response and opinion.
Yeah, errors are made by officials that can kill a game off but, VAR is having a similar effect.

So gutted about Rafa. Don’t know what’s going to happen unless this takeover goes through.

The take over fell through.

newcastle are fucked

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isn’t mike ashley a spurs supporter anyway? Why did he buy Newcastle?

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