Football Thread

lol, it’s only football.

Bayern PSG should be fun tonight.

bloody hell only turned this on at half time, some game

timed it perfectly yesterday as well. first half city, switch to liverpool, last ten city

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Chelsea scored a couple of nice goals.

Just had a look at the upcoming fixtures and realised I will be watching football every day for 12 days straight. (Currently on day 6 of 12)

Can you ever have too much of a good thing? Not like there’s much else to do anyway I guess!


Thank god there’s some footy on the box


Should be a good match too! Hopefully Fulham still have some fight left in them

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We’re playing 4 at the back meaning we’ll be useless at the back and pressing up the top. Whatever any Wolves fan says about us playing this formation it’s certainly not boring!


What Channel?

BT Sport

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Fack. Will get on the stream.

Dear Lord Sweet Baby Nuno Jesus. Please let Wolves win.

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No let’s hope they don’t please.

Well this sums up our luck this season. Neto now injured. Argh!

Yuuuuuuussssss. Thank you Jose

FFS that was a joke

Can someone who’s not bias tell me how that was ruled out?!

I can’t remember one as close as that and in that case surely the advantage should go to the attacking side. It’s just bullshit

Clear and obvious :man_shrugging:t3:

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