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Wayout - Italy

Not a bad game to start things off at all. Why were Turkey so unmatch fit though?


To be fair, playing a decent Italy team you know you’re going to be out of possession. They’ve always played that game where you’ll have to run a lot and still won’t have the ball

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If Turkey play like that against us next week I’m going to be hopeful of a win

Damn this is pretty easy, maybe just call it now and I’ll take my winnings, save you all the hassle

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Cmon walessss

Started well but we’ve been struggling for the last 20 mins. Thankfully Switzerland don’t look too great up front.

Wales need to change things up, they’ve just let Switzerland come on to them for pretty much the whole of this game.

Keiffer Moore is a shocking football player

Rofl I was just typing about how Wales could play for three hours and not score. Boom

Keiffer Moore is world class


Hahaha. Wales have looked dreadful.

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Nice marking from the Swiss there.

Looked kinda offside



Surely the linesman should’ve got that one. It wasnt even that close

Nicely taken but surely offside.

sweet- didn’t see it

Ward playing well!

We were mainly hopeless so obviously I’m extremely happy with a draw. Can chill now and enjoy the rest of my Saturday.

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