Football Thread

Fucking hell that tackle

Obvs he was gonna score

Before Stoke it was Boro. There’s always been a team stinking up the place for too long like the Jaws Homoki of the Premier League


What a goal

That was quality!

Fuck off Burnley

INNIT! Good lad!


And what a pass for the 3rd

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Gray best signing we’ve made for years


Andros Townsend’s left foot and hairline in a constant battle for title of his most remarkable feature.


C.Ron at it again :soccer:

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Missed the first half. Wan Bassaka off again, was it a proper red? Sounds dubious

Looked like he just lost control of the ball then made a clumsy challenge, not much to complain about I’d say.

Oops! :grimacing:

Jorginho wins player of the year but Kante wins midfielder of the year :thinking::thinking::thinking:


miss congeniality award.

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Chelsea game was rad, really enjoyed going to the Bridge never been before.

Lukaku is fucking massive IRL.

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Stoked for Grealish, goal and an assist in the CL

Nice goal from Henderson!

A bit of classic Everton self destruction

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Fuck me Bailey looks absolute class. Perfect Grealish replacement

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