For Sale Thread (Selling your stuff)

Listed in December with no interest. Switched agents and first viewing offered full ask. Some agents are more capable than others it seems.

Nice. We had some right spanners round when we sold ours. A lot of agents send people round with no interest in it just to say they got you viewings

We went through an online agent similar to purple bricks a few year ago, so much easier arranging viewings. We got the asking price.

Anyone want any of these for free?
Can send if you cover postage or pick up from Brockley, south London


Killer first post. Welcome.

While we’re here, if anybody has Sidewalk issue 126 (March 2007) or Slap issue 25 (April 1994) I would very gladly buy them from you.


The parquet flooring is dope.


Post images of covers, much easier to remember whether you had them, no?

Somebody had a picture of the Sidewalk, but I don’t know where I’d find them. I know either issue isn’t anything special. Not like, say, the Twist cover of Slap.

I can post it to you. Ain’t in the best condition though.

Fuck! Thank you man. I’ll message you.

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sorry for getting your hopes up before build i still feel bad about that :slight_smile:

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Sorry? Who’s this?

Quite interested by the two issues of TWS!

Got these never worn in an 8! Will sell em to a forumer for 40 posted if anyone’s after em! They’re the new authentic ‘skate’

Some OG Williams :+1:

They’re not NOS though are they? They’re a remake?

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No they aren’t literally OG’s, those go for a hell of a lot more or at least they used to. OG is just what DC added to the name like so:

Oh!! Nearly had me there.

Got 3 sets of 52mm conical white blanks 102a for sale (pic when I’m back home) - £5 per set to anyone that wants one?

update - 2 sets left

Sad to say these are for sale, first dibs to anyone on here before I stick them on Depop. Unworn bar the initial trying on in my flat - 10 minutes in the Copas and 5 minutes in the 3STs - they’re just too narrow and tight for me. UK 8.5 but may suit a UK 7.5 or 8 depending on your feet. Gutted as it took ages to find the colourways. Serves me right for venturing from the comfort and safety of the Soletech bosom.

After what I paid for them. Can post within UK or drop off in or near London.

Adias 3ST.004 collegiate blue - £65
Adidas Copa Nationale black/gum/silver - £60
UK 8.5

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