For Sale Thread (Selling your stuff)

I think this all sounds reasonable.

My office.


Yeah, just sent him an email, but yeah, i’m down.

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The interview I did with Tim Leighton-Boyce has had a repress; it’s bigger now and it’s on nice paper. Some of the Rad/Phat scans from 92/93 were quite hard to see when it was A5 but it’s better now.


Think I Just bought the last one of these from Wig, Stoked!

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Stooooooooked! ha ha.

I got this. In all honesty, I didn’t know what to expect but it’s really well put together and has done justice to the originals.
Really good.

Also, has a full page photo of an old N26er.

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I picked the pages and did the scans, so there’s no way that one wasn’t going in.


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