For Sale Thread (Selling your stuff)

I’m selling some Thunder trucks, 8.25, Ishod Wair, that have only been used for 2 or 3 months. £25 posted - SOLD

Also, some Film trucks, with also not much use, 8.0. £20 posted

Vans Skate Old Skool Pro black/black - UK7.5 (fit true to size) - £25 posted - Worn outside once.

Some bits on eBay:

Adidas City cup Uk10

Palace deck 7.5 - SOLD

Polar men’s t black medium - never worn, in bag with tags

Put a copy of Sean Cliver’s ‘Disposable’ book on eBay. As well, a ton of dubstep vinyl from Skream, Digital Mystikz, Hyperdub etc from around 2005/2006-ish before it mostly descended into nauseating synth torture.


Absolute crime that you are selling disposable but whatever, good luck with sale

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Not if you’re lucky enough to own the updated edition :woman_shrugging:

They’re pretty different tbf. Not too much crossover.

:grimacing: I might have made a booboo then. Haven’t really checked the newer edition out yet. Just assumed it was an expanded edition not a different one

I did too, but there’s less crossover than you might think.

corweeee selling some absolute thumpers there, tempted to buy doubles of erstwhile rhythem forsaken mix and the bits to be fair

that ego/mirror is going to go for big money ey

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Aye there’s some good stuff there. It’s just sitting on a shelf with 1000s of others though, and has been for years now.

There’s a lot more besides that. Want to get rid of about 50-60% of my records ideally but I hate listing stuff.


if you smash a list of 2005-2010 gear in here i’ll certainly take a few off your hands

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I am gonna bid on atleast one of those bad boy DMZs


Fuck, looking at what records you’re selling got me so fired up thinking about the first time I saw Skream and Coki play, DMZ subdubs in Leeds at the West Indian Centre… Loefah and Mala, don’t get shit as good as that now. Was a great few years when that shit was going down in its prime.

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Real talk. Shame it all went the way it did so quickly (in my opinion). I’m sure there’s still some quality stuff out there now, but ‘dubstep’ became almost a dirty word in my mind.

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You couldn’t move for dubstep nights in Leeds - Subdub, Vagabondz, Ruffage etc.

It was never my thing tbh, but they were always good nights.

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Yeah for sure haha it was such a brief period of time that was golden, always really good when someone who was into the same thing brings it up and you’re like, oh, you know the real shit, before the brostep crap took over and it became the dirty word!

@BvS vagabondz was great too, forgot about that one! I remember queuing for hours for a subdub one time at West Indian centre after it being at Vox for a while, was sober and didn’t mind. Went into the smoking area to see if I could get hooked up and unexpectedly the bouncer was the one that offered me some £10 garries, that was the shit! Haha so dope. Used to always find groups of skaters I hadn’t seen for weeks hunched in corners and be like yooo damn how long you been here for?


Haha. Pretty sure Subdub was the first time I ever did Mandy but I def payed more than £10!

Vagabondz was a bit more accessible, though don’t know what the limit of the Faversham was but it was always well over capacity, just absolutely rammed. Remember seeing some guy play who had like a cloth bag/mask over his head during his set but to this day have never been able to figure out who that was.

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Let me know if you want to get rid of any of your 91-93 collection

I’ll do that mate.

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