For Sale Thread (Selling your stuff)

I could do with some new uns to be fair, will dm mate

Sorry, sold them like 2 minutes before you posted on Facebook. I know the Palomino have them on sale at the moment if that helps.

Bloody hell that was quick!

Yeah man got my Aces from there last time will probs get another set of those

Yeah put them on Facebook at the same time. They’ve definitely got Aces on sale.

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Is this eBayer just ripping up old Sidewalks and selling each page at £12.99 a go? Here are just a few of their listings.

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Load’s of people try that with various magazines, music mags etc. I guess it must work sometimes

So that’s really a thing now? For expensive mood boards?

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Is that first pic from Dev Green?

Yeah it is.

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Lol’d at ‘Paul Hellicar’ Last Rites page on for £9.99


are they framed? because even a wilkos frame would only make it the cost of the frame.

EDIT: actually that sounds mean. The skating and publication is priceless, just you know… silly dodgy grifters.

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Are things ok? seems cheap to be letting that go for.

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I think that wallride spot was in Birmingham. There were a few of them in a row and they had metal edging at the top. I used to walk past them on my way to work wondering if someone could wallride up and grind the top.

Yep - side of the old Royal Mail sorting office, now the Mailbox luxury shopping centre

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Looking for reasonably-priced copies of RAD if anyone on here’s got any they’re looking to rehome.


Shame that r.a.d book never happened.

By the way spotted this I know there are some collectors on here

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Yeah I was pretty gutted about that. I put some cash in for that one but alas. Maybe one day…

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Anyone got any idea for the cheapest way to ship an 11kg box of books to Taiwan? Cheapest I can find is £72 FedEx using Parcel2Go. I’ve booked FedEx succesfully through them before but that’s still expensive.

If anyone wants a Sour 8.375 deck for the price of postage let me know. Have only skated it a few times but am back on an old deck which I prefer as it’s a mellower concave.

I work for a bookshop and sadly that seems about right for that weight. Parcel2go and parcelmonkey are your best bets, we use Royal Mail for most things but anything over 4kg going internationally usually those two are the best options! Sometimes a small box of zines from NYC can even be 50 quid plus!

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