Forum Trick of The Week - Get Involved

So, until the rules are set here they are.

Hugo will start off and set a trick, We all have a week to land it and submit, All forumers have one like to give to our favourite (for whatever reason, does not have to be the best, could be the surroundings, the effort, anything) The one with most likes sets the next trick.
We just keep going and anyone can submit any trick they want to join in on.
I like the idea of someone not having a trick after so many years but within a week they get one because of the fun pressure.
Obviously i’ll change rules once we decide on the final ones.

Use to upload and embed.

I have a question about time frames, should the comp run for 5 days? So say Hugo sets on a Friday, submissions have to be posted by Wednesday in order to give someone time to post a new trick on Friday again?

Also a fan of keeping going until we get bored. Say you miss the first 5 tricks and really want to learn the 6th trick. Plus the extra admin of sorting out whose on what letter?

Yeah def, I don’t want people to feel left out so a free for all would be ace. We can always sort a little prize for MVP at every 10 tricks or so to make it special and something to head for. An incentive.
Time frames, yeah a weird one, some people might not get to skate for a week etc so would be hard.
I think if we’re going to set a trick it’s going to be something we can do quickly so you would need less time as long as you can skate. So why not when you film your trick for hugo’s set you film a trick you want to set and keep it for when and if you need it.

Thread title changed.

Your video or a photo as a sticky thread or a banner on the website!

Yeah cool, I think we established that game of skate is too restrictive, nice one Hugo.
Once we’re happy shall we delete all the chat of rules to keep the thread for the challenge?

How do we post this? I’ve just purged myself from instagram.

Shit, I have not even thought of this, you’re gonna have to film me haha, and where do we host?

Unless we submit the clip to someone who is happy to stick them together each week and upload to a private YT? I dunno

I posted a video in the instablowout thread yesterday using

Seemed easy enough, uploaded from iPhone, embedded, occasionally plays with ads tho.

Pretty sure you can upload a video straight from your phone. Let me check.

Ok you can’t.

Will probably just upload to YouTube or Instagram or some shit.

I’m going to have to self film this…apologies for production values in advance.

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As @Garlicnaan said please use

Embeds fine, just paste url into reply body and just works.

im going to have to self film using an action cam with a fish eye, its going to look like utter shit

I lonercammed with phone and a blob of blu-tac the other day, worked a treat

Ah ok, streamable looks easy enough.

Add the link to streamable to your original post at the top @anon90826813, make it easier to find

could always pick up one of those small phone tripods of amazon for a few quid, saves me trying to balance my phone on stuff and it inevitably falling down and missing the try i actually land something!

Cundall’s pretty good I’m expecting big things


A vaguely remember a switch heel in hi-vis Nike one shots in one of the forum edits.