Game Of Thrones containment thread

Anyone still watching this?

Shall we discuss with spoilers here?

I’ve just caught up on the first two episodes.

Gray used to fill me in on all the stuff that went over my head each week but now I don’t really care about it much.

Still…got to grind it out to the end now.

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There’s a spoiler plugin I think I can install maybe that’ll be useful for threads like this

There’s also a ‘hide thread’ function

I will only post pointless memes a given three days after that episode airs. Plenty time

We’ve got a sweepstake at work of who’s going to die in the battle and who will survive

Hard to guess given the shows history

Imho Grey Worm, Sam, Gilly. Beric Dondarrion, and Brienne are gone next episode. Way too much foreshadowing.

I’ve seen the same episode of GoT 3 times. Every time over the space of 18 months I came back to Dublin to visit the folks, I’d end up channel hopping and tried watching it. Nothing really happened. There might have been tits. And winter. Probably some arrows. Another time I saw the episode with a dragon laying waste to an army. Looked rad. Probably need to watch the whole thing soon enough - where’s the easiest place to get all of them? I’ve no tv and Sky will not be receiving any of my cash.
Randomly, I watched all of Breaking Bad over the space of a year, pretty much one episode a week or so, which was close to real time in the show.

I stream illegally using a Raspberry Pi loaded with Kodi and routed through a VPN.
No shame in my game.
Caught the latest 2 episodes while “working from home” on Tuesday.
Next one should be a biggie.
I am not into the whole dragons, giants and mystical stories generally speaking but it has been rather good story sitting beneath that fantasy surface.

I’m a bit worried that we might have another Lost on our hands with this.

GoT started off amazing. It was intriguing, the world felt totally feral and believable and harsh and violent and grim.

It seemed like a gimmick at the time but I think the nudity in the earlier episodes helped to make the place feel like a real, dangerous place.

The pace of it was believable and felt right.

It feels like ever since it went away from the books its been spinning around and around going nowhere and feels super… I don’t know…cheesy? Formulaic?

It’s lost me a bit. That bit flying on the dragons… Jesus. What a load of Disney bollocks that was.

This mad uncle of yara and theon seems like something from pirates of the Caribbean. He’s an actual pantomine villain from a different, shitter programme. He’s absolutely rubbish. I’m pretty sure he’s not an actor…just a cardboard cutout being waved about on a piece of string.

The battle of the bastards was probably the best fight scene ever. And I mean ever. In any medium ever.

But, looking back at the last few series it’s really served up a big share of shite.

I dunno. These first two episodes of the new series have left me a bit cold because I’ve stopped caring about most of the characters and I’m not sure why.

‘slow’ episodes in the early days were intriguing. Now they are just boring.

Most people I speak to feel the same…that there’s been a lurch from a programme that used to be genuinely unpredictable to being quite standard hero and villain shit. Maybe the story itself is the issue? I don’t know.

I hope Tommund makes it. He’s the best one left. He definitely won’t though.

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Cannot help but agree.

I have not read the books so am unable to draw any comparisons but isn’t it usually the case that the books that go before a televised rehash are typically better?

When it had the books as source material? Now it hasn’t, as they have gone past the books, they don’t know what they’re doing?

This was some Harry Potter shit and almost ruined 8 series of TV.

I do think that it will be mental last few episodes though.

The sex scene in last episode was creepy as shit. Eww

I think that’s when it shifted. The tone and the story.

It went from dense and believable to flimsy and cheesy.

The impossible miracle rescue on that frozen lake was probably the peak of that. Absolute nonsense. I think that was its shark jumper moment for me.

I get that they have to simplify things to get to an ending of some kind but… I dunno… It really feels like it’s lost its way.

Why exactly are the white walkers assembling anyway? What do they actually want?

Why are they at winterfell? If they wanted to go south couldn’t they just go around it…

Or is it specifically because Bran is there?

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cheers you cunt xxx


Now TV has all the episodes. You can just get a month’s subscription as per Netflix.

Or from your preferred torrent site of choice

Totally agree about the whole flying on dragons but. I guess it was supposed to highlight the fact he is actually a targarian but it just came across cheesy and weirdly comic in a show that’s otherwise been fairly dark.

Danerys is annoying me now at this point anyway. Early episodes her struggle and story arc was interesting, now she’s just arrogant and a bit needy. Kind of hope John kills her.

Agree with Les, but ah well, going with it. At least its going a bit shit toward the end rather than halfway through like Lost or at the beginning like walking dead.
Fuck anyone who calls her ‘Dani’ too.

When the writers came out and admitted they didn’t know where it was actually going it all started going down hill with Lost. It turned into cliffhanger after cliffhanger and I never even watched the last episodes I was so over it.

I’m sure it’s very hard to do but the green screen when they started climbing on the dragons was absolutely dreadful, I was actually laughing at how bad it looked. You just don’t expect that considering how amazing some other scenes have looked.