Game Of Thrones containment thread

She’s annoyed me pretty much throughout the whole thing.

After the initial rough stuff from khal drogo all we’ve seen series after series is of her sitting on various thrones listening to people’s problems thousands of miles from the action. Zzzz

Then when we got the essos westeros crossover she’s just been used in the silliest deus ex machina device the world has ever known and not much else.

bwahahahahaha so true tho

anyway. yes GoT has moved away from the books and completely missed a number of characters/story lines. yes the quality isn’t up to that first bunch of seasons. no i don’t give a fuck. titties / swords / dragons, sorted

When someone asks what Abec your bearings are.


The Long Night. Bloody hell, what an episode

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To produce something of that scale and ambition for TV is a brilliant achievement.

No spoilers until this evening, but I think I said what the fuck about 30 times while watching it. It’s good

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That. Was. Fucked. Best episode of anything ever. Beating out contenders like the battle of the bastards and the entirely of breaking bad. Holy shit

I could not avoid 2 spoilers and for the first time ever i’m actually upset about a spoiler. Still hyped to watch it.

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That sucks but yeha won’t take away from the intensity

No idea, but it’ll be on pirate bay


Episode 3:

what a load of absolute fucking wank.

Cant even be arsed to get started on it.

Get into impossible situation. Cut to the next person who’s in an increasingly impossible situation. Oh no… They’re going to get… Oh cut to the next person and they’ve all been reset to safety.

Repeat repeat repeat.

Have the zombie horde attack ferociously.

Now make them be all lurching and slow.

Now fast.

Now make Arya play resident evil 1.

Does it make any sense!!? Fuck no but we need these smaller ones to die.

They all should’ve fucking died. Every last one of them.

I still don’t get Brans plan. He could’ve and indeed should’ve been killed about 2000 times over. All of the main characters should’ve

Theon did well with that bow and arrow eh considering they got swamped.

I didn’t even know melissandre was still alive. Talk about a bum note to end on.

Total hollywood bollocks.

Absolute fucking pissy shit bollocks.

I actively hated almost every moment of that. I promise I tried to suspend disbelief but it was impossible not to.

the flaming swords of the Dothraki going out was quite cool. Everything after that was absolute toilet.


It’s gone full blown mega Lost. Its actually worse than Lost. I’m stunned.

I’ll watch the last few episodes but by fuck I don’t give the slightest fuck about this fucking load of fucking wank anymore.

It’s absolutely dead.


Never seen an episode of the show.

Just read this whole thread.

Never going to watch an episode of the show.

However I’m interested in finding out why so many people get shit ruined by spoilers. Do people not watch this shit that they love so much when it airs or at least on the same day/night? Who’s leaving it days on end before getting round to watching their favourite tv show?

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People with babies. Despite climbing at the walls to watch line of duty I haven’t touched it because it’s hard to watch anything uninterrupted that requires concentration at the moment.

The three times I got a break whilst my baby slept on me these last few weeks I’ve chosen to watch this shit instead.

Obviously life gets in the way sometimes as well doesnt it. Then if your on social media or on a forum or on a newspaper site or listening to the radio it just takes one Michael Fabricant to ruin something.

Watch it up to episode 9 of series 3 and pretend thats the real ending and leave it there.

I’m dumping on it from a great height here but it used to be truly different.

Also, some people think this latest episode was amazing.

I thought it was an insult to the intelligence of anyone who has watched it up until now.

You won’t know until you watch it.

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Well I read in this thread that there was something about flying dragons so I most likely won’t be watching it.

However, I’ve kept up to date with LOD. Stephen Graham has been good in it. I think the story is getting a little too far fetched for my liking. It feels like they are trying to add in too many layers. I mean, it’s been OK but I still stand by my claim that Martin Compston is the worst actor on television right now. That new police officer who interviewed Hastings this week though was dope. She was so fucking infuriating and I loved it!

Aarghhh shut up shut shut up plz

Watched EndGame tonight, people are going made about spoilers. It’s pretty much Hollywood A to B, through X, Y and Z, blockbuster 101. You’d have to stupid to not know why the ‘two maybe sunrises are in there anyway’ and the rest is the good guys fighting the bad guy, I wonder who wins? Hmmmm.

“That. Was. Fucked. Best episode of anything ever.”

“what a load of absolute fucking wank.”

good times.


The episode had its issues, sure. But I think you’re being pretty harsh.

I’m terms of tv entertainment spectacle, you can’t really fault it. I enjoyed watching it, the battle was cool, Arya’s scenes were great, the tracking shot of John trying to get to Bran was great, the final scene was a proper wtf tv moment.

It’s hard to compare this episode to something from say, Season 1 or 2, because the scale is so much bigger. And by scaling up you lose some of the nuance but you gain massive cgi dragon battles and I love it.