Gifted Hater

Yer I know, a few months ago there was so much dope shit on there that still hasn’t gone up on YouTube.

God knows how to post insta links


Does it fit with the diagram?

Still goes sideways.


Tremendous nerdery.

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It’s a win win for everyone now. Tyshawn gets to say fuck you, the trick gets done properly and Gifted gets the views.

Gifted got a lot of hate for this, especially on Twitter, but I agree with him. If someone had a Manuel for an ender and it touched, or a handrail where they put both hands down or a clip that cut away before they bailed then people would claim the tricks weren’t legit - this is no different.


Absolutely love GH and the effort he goes into. It’s fucking genius.

Tyshawn though……wow. That’s how you do shit. My sexy skateboarder of the year for sure. Beast.

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Legit observation, legit retort, the world moves on :joy:


Gifted Hater has his moments but he’s giving himself way too much credit suggesting Tyshawn only re-did the switch ollie because of his video. It’s not like he’s only person to the world to clock that, I’m sure people were already questioning it on Insta – he probably heard people talk about it in person, and Slap was talking about it from the day the part drops. (To me this does reinforce the idea of him being basically a news aggregator for whatever gets talked about on Slap.)

Granted, GH has got the biggest platform of anyone outwardly discussing the switch ollie so it might have contributed it. But also if he’s trying to switch flip a table, I imagine he’d want to warm up by ollieing the thing again first.

Anyway, I thought the original one counted even though he cleared it inline with the seat and not the table top, mainly because if someone else had done one lengthways, afterwards, totally over the top, everyone would be saying it’s ABD.

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The whole thing is so fucking stupid, but I’m here for it!

Interesting to see Tyshawn has got for the picnic table next.

Also, I thought California schoolyards were meant to be smooth?! The ground in the updated switch ollie clip looks dog shit!


He switch ollied the table and on the descent he landed in front of the table’s seat (so the lower bit) and not in line with the table top.

He still cleared the table lengthways, and he didn’t go completely off course to the side, but cleared it lengthways the “easier” way.

What I’m saying is that if someone had switch ollied a table how Tyshawn did the second time around – station to station over the table top – people would disregard it as ABD because Tyshawn already did it.

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Time Shaun is now stuck in my head forever.

The conspiracist in me thinks there may have been some coordination between GH’s video and Tyshawn going back for the sw ollie. At the end of GH’s video he highlights Atiba’s Instagram story which showed Tyshawn back at the same school.

Perhaps this is the future of sexy skateboarder of the year campaigns, add some drama and a narrative redemption arc to convince people of your worthiness!

Well the whole point of the gifted hater video is this is not the case. It’s sold as the full top flat to flat which wasn’t the case and I agree with him.

Anyway it’s now been done properly so case closed. :smile:


Argh - auto correct!

When I was in New York in September, he held another Can Jam at Blue Park. I was hanging out with a friend of his and on the way to the event they were saying Tyshawn had been eyeing/talking about a longways backside flip.

I didn’t stick around for the event but he didn’t try it that day. It was so busy and from seeing the run-up up he takes in ‘The General’ it wouldn’t have been possible in that setting.

Anyway, hope he did the switch flip. Hyped for his next two parts. Guessing the King one will be the day his brand launches, maybe the Supreme video before? Cutting it real fine for that sexy skateboarder of the year issue deadline, haha.




Straight switch flip next please. Thanks Tyshawn, you can do it!