Gnarly Photos thread

Any excuse to post this.
Scroll to 1:23 for lulz

What was blinky doing there?



crelinsworld style post right there.

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Hahahahahahaha! Totally. I’m not scanning something that’s in a new mag.

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Not really answering this, but this bench is outside the Exploratorium in SF which is only a minute or so away from Pier 7 - and was being skated every time I’ve ever been past it. I reckon the manufacturers put this on as both protection for the bench as well as making it attractive for skateboarders to have a go on. Gives the museum (which is cool) a free circus act for the tourists (which isn’t cool).

ya bastard just seen this hope you’re not referring to that screaming scene kid but I know you are hahaha just to clarify I look nowt like that :joy:


Haha yeah the skinhead girl.


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