Gone Skateboarding?

We need answers tbh :smile:

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Did about an hour tonight, nothing much happening except a sore back :melting_face:

No washers nothing always bones medium bushings on Aces.

6 bolts, no bearing shields in. I fucking freak out otherwise.


I weigh like my 11 stone at most to put that into perspective.

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I understand everything apart from the 6 bolts. For me those 2 empty holes would cause the destruction of the universe.


6 bolts forever. 8 is weird.

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The loss of symmetry with the bolts would fuck with my head haha

Doesn’t your mrs live in France? Can facetime from the carpark :kissing_heart:

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I’m back in the U.K. Sunday she’s coming on Tuesday

Heading to Pitt street today for the first time , hyped to check it out and skate a supermarket floor legitimately.


Just got back from Pitt street and have to say it’s one of the best skate spaces I’ve been in in years . Such a good park , the space is amazing, locals are sound as fuck . They have a bar and the food is really good .
Gonna hit that place as much as possible before it goes . What a treat , well worth the journey


Love the look of Pitt Street, long, long way for me though.

Skated last night, finally got a backside 180 up the Wembley gap. Happy days!

Really fucked this morning though. Time for a break until Thursday, then Rollersnakes next Saturday as there is a game of skate on which a few of the local lads are in.


Is there a definite end date for Pitt St.?

It’s always been a short term location at the Sainsbury’s site.
More explained below .

Anyone fancy a mission?

Looked it up.

See…this is what a mini ramp should look like:

I HATE extensions/roll ins/flatbanks etc on mini ramps. One of my pet hates.

Just make it as wide as possible like this. Looks perfect.


That looks miiiint :heart_eyes:

Edit: Portsmouth ffs :pensive:

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2 hours from P-town. I can pick people up. I’d be coming from Stokenchurch.

It’s like the old PlayStation mini (bay66) and has has a more stuff added to the end since that picture.
This was a roll through last night at closing .


That must feel like you’re skating at the Berrics. That mile long ledge…wow. sick.