Gone Skateboarding?

Yeah that ledge is lovely , perfect height and a good chunky metal edge .
They’ve done really well with the builds in the park .


I bet that floor is sick too, always think about skating when doing the weekly shop. Memories of skating Herlingshaw roller rink in the 90’s, buttery smooth

Spent yesterday afternoon with my daughter at Rollersnakes to watch the Big Game of skate. Spent a bit of time chatting to @KeithBeef (:wave:) and his friend. Not much skating as it was wet, but cruised around a little.

I must say I love Rollersnakes’ set up and really should go more as it is less than an hour away.

Back home for a bit then a late session down the local. Cracking day, looking forward to Dadlands / Voltarol come May :sunglasses:

Apparently my daughter learnt frontside kickturns this morning but I haven’t seen it for myself.

Skateboarding is so good.


It was a good day. Always a pleasure to see a real human forumer.

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Landed two heel flips and two fakie heels in a car park this afternoon. That’s a pb.


Went there today, it completely dried. Good crew , fun session even though I hardly landed anything.

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Im sure I saw you tagged in with Scottish Ben on a Malstagram clip :+1:

FWIW I was out tonight again, not too bad a skate for a late week “I’m tired” skate and better than I’d anticipated. Working on a couple of new tricks as I’ve had a fair run recently, hopefully will have them done by the end of the weekend. Nothing special but whatever.


Also cracked my board. Small and could be surface but we shall see if it gives over the weekend or gets any worse. More equipment thread but this Real 8.28” is a pretty good. Set it up just before Christmas. If it does go I’ll legit feel like a man :rofl:

Then back to the Polar 8.125”. Got three to work my way through.

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Is it the 8.28 x 31.7 x 14.12 shape?

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Yeah, that’s the one. I’d skate another for sure.

Ah sweet. Always wanted to try that shape but haven’t yet.

Yeah that was me, skate with Mal quite a lot. Next time he can put a decent landing in

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Ahh cool :+1:

I don’t know him personally! We’ll probably cross paths at some point.

See you at Dadlands.

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Anyone inbetween Stokenchurch and Portsmouth wanna go Pitt St this weekend

Ony way there now , last minute thing . There’s a band on later too apparently during the late sesh .

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1.5 hours last night. Ditching the Real once I got home as the stress cracks are doing my head in so just set up another Polar 8.125 Shin Sanbongi I’ve had for god knows how long.

Hopefully back out tonight but we shall see.


I went to Pitt street the other day it was pretty sick. There were too many rippers there though I didn’t skate it as much as I wanted to.

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Was that for the keen distribution event?

Yeah, it was really good. Big turnout.