Gone Skateboarding?

Ace, my neck of the woods.

How was Arena? I went last weekend to find the travellers in the car park had covered the whole park in gravel. Steered clear this weekend and went to Paignton instead.

The Building Crew at Bournbrook (shout out Tom!) were doing repairs to the other end of the park in preparation for the Skate Jam in a couple of weeks.

You could only get to these quarters yesterday - which are much tighter and scary than they look!

Did a couple of personal nbd moved on them that I was stoked about including this back d.


Ahh shit should’ve hit you up for a skate! Been staying at my mates in Totnes, driving back shortly

Arena was sound, car park was rammed but for an athletics event not full of travellers, park was fairly tidy as well

Down again start of July but staying in Ilfracombe, going to try get to Bideford park at some point


How close are you to Brixham?

About an hour, I’m in Plymouth.

If your in Brixham your 20 mins from parkfield in Paignton or Kingsbridge’s new park both are worth hitting up

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Ah good to know, I drove through Totnes yesterday to skate park field

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Broke the seal and got in a quick 40 mins at the local indoor and then spent 90 minutes talking about skating to Si who runs it along with Jess.

Nice to get back onto my board even though nothing special was ever going to happen ha.


And again fuckos. Hour down the local. Self filmed some bits just to try and push a little….ewwww, not good. Not skated much since Feb and flying towards 47. That’s my fucking excuse :rofl:


Quick hour and a half down the local. Good session after a shaky start. My legs are so weak. Gonna try and get an early morning solo session at Stoke Plaza on Friday.


How early is early? I’ve got to go to Kidsgrove on Friday. I could call in on the way.

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Probably 9am ish after the kids have gone to school, done by 10 I reckon as I’m away for the weekend in the caravan.

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Went for a skate last night for an hour at Millhouses skatepark in Sheffield. Felt like Penny doing frontside flips in my hiking boots :sweat_smile: