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@anon90826813 what’s your Mesa Boogie? I want

My recent purchase


That’s sick

It’s not a particularly revered boogie as it was made in one of their tight times so the pots are notoriously weak, I have to fix them every so often. It’s a Nomad 2x12. It’s not that good for metal to be honest like you’d expect but it has a real good driving sound and the clean to crunch is to die for.

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Lime green, subtle as a brick, but Iike it.

Mine looks rather ordinary by comparison.


I actually like that man, nice and i’m fussy with strats. I prefer 70’s heads and always dark scratchplates. I made a new one for mine, guitar is slightly greeny off white but I dark wood plate on it.

Ooh lovely, you keep the scratch plate on? I removed mine and don’t yet regret it

Hasn’t occurred to me to remove it really.

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hmmm, I was to have an LP I think i’d take it off but no idea the reason why. I did have an Aria pro2 lespaul shape years ago but part chopped it it with some other bits for a PRS baritone.

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I can’t think of one either.

Just looks cleaner? Dunno. Mine is cherry burst with a cream scratch plate so it looked nicer without. Deffo less of a difference with black I guess

To say it has new strings it’s holding tune pretty well.

This was the offending broken washer that was partly responsible for fucking it up

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I Have my fingers out and they usually hang around and over the 1st string so it depends on how hight the plate would be, that might feel weird. I can’t ever remember a time when I have played with one and it hindered me though.

Oh shit, I was going to look today for you but you sorted it then?

Axesrus had a full set.
I got them today.
Excitedly I ran up to fit it and was annoyed to discover that the centre hole was too small so I stretched it over a screwdriver. Fits now.


looks just like my LP but mine is matt and the fret markers are different.
Couldnt resist the green, saw it and knew I wanted it, only 200 in the world apparently (pretty obvious why).

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Yours has a cross in the 12th fret too doesn’t it? Being the Goth model.

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Nice one!

Ha shoe! yeah but it’s the kind of colour that will be shunned for years and all of a sudden be desirable. I like it.

Go on, what’s the catalog colour name for that green?

It would look amazing with a brown wood scratchplate.