Hacking/fraud/stolen thread

Had an SMS through with authorisation code and an abandoned cart email from some random US site, looks like someone has tried to order something fraudulently using a card of mine.

Because no I don’t want a fucking $1500 roof rack for a Toyota Camry delivered to buttfuck, Canada.

As the auth code SMS is needed to complete payment I’m not too fussed and money can’t be taken out.

Going to report this to the relevant police dept in Canada on Monday, but just wondering if anyone else has had this?

Nah but I repeatedly get texts telling me that I have paid my O2 bill despite not being with O2.

The other current one is weird cold calls from Edinburgh that leave messages in Cantonese

Forward them O2 ones on to 7726 if you can. Quicker they get reported quicker O2 will deal with them :+1:.

Not had fraud to this level, but did have my details used to buy a phone from CPW and start a business contract on O2, that was a fun few fucking weeks

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Might be Kerr?


I been getting calls from an Australian number about HMRC stuff. Sure mate! Commute must be a bastard

Highly unlikely unless he’s turned into a Chinese woman.

I once got my credit card blocked because some geezer somewhere in rural England tried to use it for online gambling. I tried to use it, it didn’t work, I called my bank, confirmed I wasn’t gambling on a British website or anything then got a new card 3 or 4 days later. Glad my bank stopped it all before anything happened. This twat was trying to scam me for something ridiculous like 20 quid I think. What a cretin.

@hugo, do you know who that was?

Guilty :joy:

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I met a lot of punks in Indonesia that make their living and buy all their musical equipment using cc fraud. They also donate to local services in the community and have a lot of d.i.y stuff going on. Crazy shit, lovely people too.

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Went through a phase of getting tons of authorisation texts for my Google account. As if someone was trying to change my password. Eventually reported it to Google and they stopped over night.

Also had my car cloned last year. Found out when i got a parking ticket for London. Reported it to the police and they said they’d deal with it and I probably wouldn’t hear anything else. Few months later the police knocked at my door because “my car” had been used in a robbery somewhere. Explained the situation and haven’t heard anything since. Apparently the car is the exact same spec as mine which is impressive as there aren’t many about.

Had a text Message about a parcel at a collection point in Cardiff ( I live in watford)!. Potential scam to click the link so I’ll post it here in case someone has a similar text.

It was a short code number 63582 (unknown when googled)

Motunrayo, Your package is still pending at your local store in Cardiff. Please pick it up today x79.link/ f1QGb

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Just got a text from “Lloyd’s bank” telling me my account has been linked. Never had an account with them.

Yeah, and it’d be ‘Keith’s Bank’ if it was for you.

Sometimes they just don’t even try.


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