Hacking/fraud/stolen thread

Scammers trying your Netflix account

Got this on Wednesday

Got that exact message but O2 yesterday Chopper.

Which makes me think O2 obviously had data stolen as the person at least knows I have an O2 account.

Which reminds me. I got this on Wednesday. I don’t have an HSBC


We have flagged your account due to a unusual transfer request on 13/01/21.

To confirm or cancel please visit https://confirmactions.com/hsbc

Jumping on the outing train.
I’m not nor never have been with HSBC.

My Gran keeps getting a text balance update from Santander, never had an account with them.

Any idea how to block that?

Blocked the number on iPhone but still keeps getting the text.

Not sure how to block them, but I always report any dodgy ones by forwarding them to 7726.


Some guy has been trying to hack my Instagram account for weeks now. He just wants the account name, as that’s his ‘hacker name’. I clicked on his account and all his videos are about how to hack too. So if any weird hacking videos suddenly appear on my account, you’ll know why.


Early adopter problems.

Somebody tried for my Twitter name, and I kept getting their password reset emails. Not sure how they thought that would work.




I’ve had someone try to reset my Instagram account twice in the last week. No fucking idea why as there’s nothing there really.

Either way my password for that and email account where the emails keep coming to, are that difficult to remember even I forget them. Luckily 2fa is on it as well so shouldn’t have a problem, just wish you could see where the reset request was made from.

I get that happening all the time on my portfolio website. I have this wordpress add-on which mails to let me know that another spammer/hacker is trying to use their name to log in again. It has a 5 day IP address autoblock, but pretty useless as they’re usually on VPNs.

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Someone keeps adding a new profile to my netflix account.
I’ve changed tge password snd forced a log out on all devices.
It’s always the same person I think. They might be getting access from a dmart tv i logged into at an airbnb.
I’m just not sure how they’re still creating profiles after i delete theirs, change passwords etc.
I’m wondering if i need to force log out sll devices then log back on to change the password? As if somehow the other way around lets the hacker get the new password first via an autosave plugin and then just relig in after they’ve been forced out…?
Weird shit.
Anyone else had this?

You can stop your netflix account any time you want, right? Just cancel the account you have now and sign back up. Probably the easiest way or not?

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Passwords with spaces

I had that exact same one the other day.

It’s getting worse, people trying to get into my insta account… just getting really annoying now.

I had someone try and get into my account 100 times in 3 hours the other day. My Etsy account.
Only have it to get my daughter some beads this one time.

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Always use 2 factor authentication wherever you can. And even text messages can be intercepted now so Google authenticator all the way.

Of late I’ve been receiving loads of calls from what look like standard UK mobile numbers. Interestingly, just as I look through my call log, all of them start with 07506. Anyone else get these? They call, there’s no voice upon answering and they just hang up. It’s odd.

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