Hacking/fraud/stolen thread

Dead people


Yeah I get those too. I presume it’s a bot ringing loads of numbers and it automatically hangs up if the operator is mid scam with someone else.

Yeah Indian scam call centres.
I love wasting their time by answering and being mike hunt or Lou Sanus .
I pretend I’m partially deaf and make them speak up and I repeat everything back wrong . It’s mainly been hmrc and national insurance scams .
Make up utter bollocks numbers .
When they ask for payment I tell them to take it off my next wages or send me an official invoice/bill to my home address like they’d do anyway and the penny drops for them.
The huffs and sighs and instant hang ups . Haha fuck em . Waste their time , less people they can scam.

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I keep getting the you were involved in an accident one. Kept trying to get them to specify which accident I had (I apparently have a lot of accidents) then furnish him with really odd details about the after care, like the medicine I have to poke up my bum with a wooden spoon and how my wife thinks Im less of a man because of it.

Having your masculinity affirmed by a guy half way round the world is a real boost in these trying times. Then I tell him Ive got to go and hang up on them


Haha fuck I used to get them loads , they always hang up after I told them the reason for the crash was me getting sucked off by their dad.
Instant hang up


This is a good laugh. Bit over my head but an entertaining channel:


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My friend’s work has some dialling machine that calls 5 numbers at once then automatically puts him through to anyone who answers, so I’d imagine if you and someone else were two of five that answered it might just hang up as you answer.

Register your number on this, it definitely reduced the number of calls I got



I just discovered this guy, he goes all in fucking with these people, playing multiple characters using fake voices etc. I watched this whole thing yesterday, it’s incredible. Highlights of a 10 hour phone call where the scammer ends up screaming, crying and threatening to murder the guy’s entire family



YES this guy is my inspiration. Man his patience is astounding but fucking love what he does .

And Jim Browning is the master of this work. Shit he does is next level. He’s now got people in India with drones to find the buildings .
Brilliant stuff

This is so good!

Accident one I just tell them I’m still in the accident.

That usually throws them off pretty quick!

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yeah did this a few months ago when you posted it before (i think?) and its definitely helped so cheers !

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