Helmet and pads

Hi guys and girls looking for some suggestions for skateboard helmets and pads? Also do I need knee, elbow and wrist? I was thinking just knee maybe wrist as well.

I’d recommend pro tec for a helmet. Good quality kit.

You can get some gell knee pads which are a bit smaller than the capped knee pads that are generallyused for skating on big ramps, and they might fit under your trousers.

Wrist and elbow protection might be a bit over the top, but if you are just starting out, they could be useful and give you a bit of confidence.

Try and find your local skateshop, they should be able to help.

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Personally Id say the best thing to learn would be how to fall properly. If you have kneepads you want to go down to your knees and get your balance and slide it out. Just having pads wont help much if you fall like a sack of hot shit.

It may sound stupid but get your knee pads and practice running then skidding on your knees. Wont take long to pick it up but will help when you actually fall off

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Yeah, muscle memory after you start skating without pads means you usually end up kneesliding on auto pilot, which ain’t good.

I would learn to fall properly - I did it with Ju Jitsu and since then all my wrist injuries magically went away as I knew how to fall.

See videos on how to learn here: Would knee pads with shin pads attached be too much? - #7 by Spanky

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This. JiuJitsu or Judo to learn breakfalls will help massively

Cheers guys, I skated 32yrs ago but just got back into it. I use to street skate, but skating more skateparks now. Plus I’m nearly 50 now so need some protection

In a similar position to you - started skating again in parks after long break. Didn’t intend to get protection but picked up a helmet and knee pads after finding I couldn’t always just run out the missteps, without slamming (like I must have been able to do in the past). Wasn’t falling that much - but feel safer having pads. It’s a personal choice!

At first I bought the minimal-protection gel-cushioned knee pads. But they really didn’t absorb the shocks. Eventually got the plastic-capped type - but the ones described as “street pads”- Triple 8 in my case, for about £20. Not too bulky. Helmet - went for Pro-tec classic. But also liked the look of Triple 8 and S1. Cheaper protection available - but quality didn’t seem there.

Think need for elbow and wrist pads depends on exact type of skating you’re doing. If 6ft concrete quarter etc you may want to be better protected than if only skating street obstacles etc. Believe there are some different schools of thought on wearing wrist protection though - some suggest they encourage bracing the fall, which can be no good.


Hijacking this thread to ask does anyone know where it’s possible to buy pads wholesale? I’ve seen a few shops that have their own logo on generic pads, looking to do something similar

Anyone used Rekd pads and helmets before and are they any good?

Anyone recommend pads for a 7-8 year old? She’s outgrown the kid set we got last year. Thanks

Unrelated to above but still protection - took a couple of falls and then a slam last Wednesday, just one of those skates I guess. I’d chucked a wrist guard on my left wrist after the first fall as it was pretty rough.

I Then took what I consider a slam, as in ‘ahh fuck, then you’re in the ground hard before you can do anything. Nursing my way through bruised ribs now and getting in and out of bed is agony. I think if I’d put a wrist guard on my right wrist, it would have had a fair chance of fracturing a rib due to the hard plastic splint and the way I fell.

There ya go - bit pointless really, but beware of loading up with pads and take @Spanky advice on falling!

Half of me even thinks I wouldn’t have fell if I’d not put the left one on at all :laughing:

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