I made an interactive database for skate videos

I’ve been working with engineers to build Skatefolio, an interactive database for skate videos. Skaters + filmmakers get more recognition on here. You can also easily watch every clip Jake Johnson’s put out.

Our welcome page explains it all best. Hop on our site’s waitlist if you’d like to try the site before we go public – I’ll make you accounts.

Also here’s a demo.


Hmmm is it just watching YouTube videos on another site when you can just watch them on YouTube?

Not in the slightest. We’ve built a ton of tools to support skaters, filmmakers, and global skate scenes. Check out our welcome page for the full explanation.

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Looks pretty good I reckon :sunglasses:

Easiest way to describe it is like IMDB, but 5x more interactive.

With our Clip Mapper tool, you can tag each skater’s appearances within a video. As a result, you can go to Tom Knox’s profile and watch only his clips. On video profiles, you can skip around to any skater within a video, so no more guesswork in untitled videos. On filmmaker profiles, you can watch their entire filmography. We also have a global skate map for discovering skate scenes around the world.

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Signed up for waitlist. Interesting concept. Are you only integrating with YouTube or will you do Vimeo and allow uploads etc?

Starting with just YouTube since that’s where 95% of skateboarding exists. Probably avoiding direct uploading, since we’d rather support than compete with all the other skate media platforms.


Awesome to hear. Our homepages are full of curations and “Speed Freaks” is one that I’ve made. I’m currently replacing all my own curations with ones from respected pros, filmmakers, and skaters from around the world.

Skatefolio achieves its full potential with a lot of users adding + Clip Mapping content, so we’ve built a system of permission levels to minimize bad content.

Average users are just viewers who can only watch. Get an account and you can build your own profile. Moderators can add, but not delete, content throughout the site. Admin have deleting power. While we refine these permissions, I’m making everyone who joins from this forum a moderator.

For sure! We’ve got systems in place and folks will be booted for inputting bad data.

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This looks interesting. Really like the ability to see whose section it is or who’s on screen. Discussed that so many times with my mates!

Now, could it be possible to superimpose a 411VM style switch icon on top of any switch tricks!? :wink:

If you go to the World of Skateboarding part…click on England (not sure why it is England and not UK) https://skatefol.io/world-of-skating/country/england you get this:

A mix of youtubers and total randoms. One of which isn’t from England. Or, even the UK.

How do you make it so it’s just Tom Knox on that page?


I feel a bit sick looking at that, ha.


Look at the ‘curated by’ tab. That dude is the Hop King filmer.

I think it would be on users to curate a more tasteful list.

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Ahhh, yes. Makes sense.

@jwdharris16 I nominate you for the clear up! ha ha.


Trick-level data would be incredible. Clip Mapping each skater’s appearances feels like enough to start, but would love this eventually.

If you can make something better, we’d love to post it. We’re starting with whoever volunteers and hope to have plenty for every place.

Just click the “become a curator” button on our World of Skating.

Also, I just finished Clip Mapping everything Tom Knox has ever filmed. Give his profile a look!

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No idea how this works but that graph there looks cool. Feels like it’s going to take a fuckload of time to keep it up and to cover the history of skate videos, and I’m not sure who’s want to be putting money into it, but good luck. Once the obviously people (like Jake Johnson and Tom Knox) are covered it’s going to become a lot of work, especially when scene videos and 411s come into it. Really hope it can be done though.

A very minor thing but using Fabrizio Superior while Aries and New Balance are already use it feels weird.

But yeah, early days. Could be great.

Yeah, totally get you and don’t want to disrespect the effort you’ve put in.
It’s just a local issue, right? Like…uk/england global look.
It’ll iron out.
The site is great. I hope it really works out.
I kind of see it as the big brother to skate video site.

Also, in terms of making it better - I’m workshy. Signed off for medicinal reasons.
That’s why I nominated @jwdharris16 as he is on it.

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Talk about throwing me under the bus, ha!

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