I’ve got a fat back...

Has anyone managed to lose a decent chunk of weight and can recommend a particular diet? I know it’s all about moderation, slow sustainable loss, realistic routines etc but shits getting desperate. I’ve managed to pile from 13.5 to 15 stone in a couple of months cos of a bad back, no exercise, sedentary job, Xmas eating and drinking. It’s embarrassing, full on pot and fatback swinging about.
I need something that will blast some of it away then I can deal with the rest with a more measured approach.


I went from 21st to 13.5st in three months earlier this year. Just stop drinking. And eating. And sleeping.


What build said, knocking booze on the head lost me 6kg in no time

I went from 14 to 11.5 this year. It was a combo of exercise and only having 2 meals a day with a minimum of 14 hour gap between the last and first meal.

Simply cutting out the shit food, booze and processed sugars make a load of difference. Don’t go eating a tonne of fruit to substitute refined sugars . I stuck to 1 banana a day and upped my green veg.

And no diet drinks / artificial sweeteners, they trick the body.

I drink mainly water , and have about 4/6 espresso a day ( in the morning/early noon) which keeps my metabolism up and hunger down.

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cant not post this

I mean, you could.

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I’m distracting from body shaming


I’ve eaten a whole packet of bourbons today and I’ll wake up skinnier tomorrow probably.


Get married & let yourself go.


I’ve been 14 stone for some time now, I could lose a stone or this beer gut at the least but growing up as skeletors skinny cousin I enjoy appearing healthy and being in the cruiser-weight / heavy-weight division.

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haha, the bowel movements alone will make you shed kilos with that much coffee, nevermind the caffeine jitters.

As already said, ditching alcohol and as much candy/choc/cakes as possible will go a long way.
Same for simply preparing and cooking your meals from fresh ingredients. Get rid of the ready meals and processed foods ASAP, they’re generally loaded with the wrong types of sugar and salt, and are just shit anyway. Same for supermarket salad dressings and sauces.

Make a smoothie every day - frozen berries, oats, seeds, dates and oat/nut milk. Extras like spinach, kale, turmeric, coconut, walnuts, avocado and skyr are all welcome additions. Leave in the fridge overnight and blitz in the morning. It’s pretty much a liquidized bowl of muesli - half of it will do for breakfast, then finish it with your lunch.

Make salads with leafy greens (spinach and rocket are the best, fuck off with lettuce, it’s shite), cherry tomatoes, mixed seeds, avocado, walnuts. Add some chicken, or halloumi, chickpeas, that sort of thing.

Main thing is that you simply need to move more - if you’ve got a bad back and are sitting at home, WFH all day, try these…

  • Get a standing desk
  • Cycle and walk instead of driving the 1km to the supermarket.
  • Get some gym rings and /or a kettlebell. And use the things, regularly. If you’re working from home you can put the kettlebell, or a chin-up bar at the kitchen door and every time you go in, do 3 x something, even push-ups - it’s called greasing the groove and just doing a little and often is way, way better than large and rare.
  • Get a skipping and start using it. it’s a vastly under-rated fitness tool.
  • +1 for swimming. You’re going at your own pace and nobody cares.

Is that a typo? 21st?

Ha It doesn’t have that effect on me, it’s the same as having 2/3 flat whites throughout the day.

6 espressos is a huge amount! I get really focussed after 1 coffee, and a proper high-grade espresso at that. No matter what I’m doing, whether it’s mindlessly reading online news on a Saturday morning, or skating, or talking to somebody or just working. I have to drink it at the right time in the day in order to get the most out of it or I’ll end up wasting 2 hours organising my socks in order of purchase or something daft.

Haha Christ , I clearly have high tolerances compared to you. I never have caffeine after 4pm and I have a physical job so The caffeine gets used well.

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Swap the plain carbs for wholemeal versions. I eat relatively clean. Oat and banana smoothies for breakfast, lots of brown rice and vegetable dishes or veggie stews. Almonds, cashews, hummus etc. No fatty meats. I have the odd greasy take away meal here and there but not too often. You really have to get rid of the garbage food with high amounts of fat, sugar and sodium that do nothing for you. I find it easy to be dilligent because I love being physical and need all the energy I can get but I understand a drastic change can be really crushing and hard to sustain for some of us.

Are you into cooking? It’s a good way to find some killer recipes.

Even with a bad back, you need to find a way to get your heart and metabolism going aswell.


Thanks for the replies! This place always delivers.
Yeah we cook all our own food from scratch and know about food groups and what’s good/bad to eat, Its mainly snacking on shite and booze late at night thats doing it. More a willpower issue rather than knowledge. I’ll try the intermittent fasting again, it worked briefly back in November.

Also, I’m not moving enough cos everything seems to aggravate the back. I’ve always run/done home Calisthenics/skated to keep fit. I’m going to do more Yoga and walking until it sorts itself out, and just got some parallette bars to go with the pull-up bar.
The healthy smoothie sounds good. Any recommendations for a maker and source of recipes?

No. But I’m 6’2".

I hate the term diet… Load of shite… people who are overweight generally need a lifestyle change not a ‘diet’… Make permanent changes to your daily life and what you eat (from a putting on weight point of view) will be a secondary worry…

Get moving.