If you had a private park...

What would be in it?

Include extra curricular items such as beer fridges and pool tables.

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Skate: Kerbs, kerb high manny pad, 2 ft mini and a nice mellow bank / hubba.
Other: Sofas, Tea making facilities and a telly for watching Tired style YouTubes.

Maybe a dart board.

Please / thank you.

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The driveway from Rehab. There are probably better ones but for nostalgia.


Chris Ince manning the shop. Legend.


With a life-size cardboard cut-out of Valelly going mental next to it.


Loads of back to back hips, ledges, hubbas, manual pads. One miniramp in the corner to keep the weirdos away from the good stuff

Michelin star restaurant in the corner to keep me and @hugo occupied


Original Works micro ramp complete with extension with pool coping and the mini spine leading into the 5 foot ramp.

Other than that, freestanding kerbs/US style angled kerbs, nice flat, manual pad.

EDIT - plus the pool coping quarters from The Ripped and a nice tranny bank to wall piece.


Also - dart board/pool table/library/jacuzzi/pub/micro brewery

Full pub no ramps.


Full on Hermit mode here didn’t realise we had to let other people in.


Oxford spine mini ramp (og Meadow Lane)

Skate 3 never leaving the console in the drawing room.

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TV for football.
Sick reading chair
Chess board
Snooker table
Petting area for cute animals

Oh yeah, some skate stuff too…


3 ish ft mini (replica of the old meldrith mini I learned to drop in on, but way wider, ideally infinite. Maybe it gets progressively taller the further you go. So you can learn tricks on the beginner end and progress upwards. And with an extra 1 ft step up on one side like ideal, so you can pop out of fs grinds.

Hammock & cooler on the top of the mini.

2 ft spine on the ground (not part of a mini)

Square and round flatbar, and a knee hight girder. All in separate parts of the park for lines.

Straight ledge, long curved ledge.

Mellow bowl with pool coping, I hate skating pools but I love the coping. Loads of friendly, overweight pitbulls running around the top of the pool.

5 set with a slightly lower handrail than real life, but still high enough to be able to fake street photos.

Built in cameras at the best angles, with replays going to screens so I can bask in my own glory. And a drone cam for filming lines, also broadcasting replays to the screen. Ideally silent and invisible so it doesn’t freak me out when I skate.

I never don’t land stuff, but just in case I ever do, some sort of cable rig that kicks in and catches me when I’m about to slam. But doesn’t intrude in any way.

Some weird groms to hang out as extras on the other end of the park as me, so I don’t feel lonely. But I never have to talk to them and they never get in my way.


In all seriousness I always liked the look of Biebels park. That steep bank looked real fun, although maybe a slightly more mellow version would be better for my level. A good hip is underrated. The two at Hyde in Leeds are banging. And also a curb, always a curb.

In regards to extra curricular just a space to relax, ideally with a pint and some sort of jazzy burger, curry or chicken dish. Basically a beer garden.

All of the above plus coffee shop and lounge area.

A Gregg’s


Blimey , I don’t even have kids and none of you want a full blown crèche facility so you can drop the kids off and shred.
First thing I’d be having so I can actually skate with my mates again and not have child care issues .

Funny thing is I am currently in the process of buying two warehouses. One houses a skatepark and the other one will probably remain empty for a while. I’m planning to drop off my Element flat bar there.


Check out Steve Berra over here…

Can I come?

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a stone oven for making pizzas.