Illegal Tricks

Illegal manoeuvres.

Bs Smith to Fakie on anything less than a vert ramp let’s go. :wink:

fs board to anything combo on ledges. basically a step-on.

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Pressure flip sex change.

It’s about how you do it.
You know Barker Barrett would make that look sick as fuck on a miniramp.

Remember that sequence of Hensley doing a front board to front lip on a bench? It was well good.
Front board to fakie 5-0 à la Pepe (or Shier) ain’t bad either.


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I might be able to find footage of me doing one from about 2001.
It ain’t pretty.

There are so many:

Fs 5050 Bs 180 out
Nollie tre
Nollie Smith

I hate it when people do the fs 5.0 to switch crook

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First one is a bit harsh.
Can be done really nicely.

I’ll accept it if it is done fast at the beginning of a line but that is it.

Too many kids do that trick and think they have unlocked some sort of secret move.


Yeah the nollie Tré is a stinka!

Grabbing between the legs
Inward heels
Doing a slappy without your front truck hitting first
Skating slow in general



Blinky, nollie tre really?

1.20ish tell me thats stinking.

Fakie tre is stylish. Nollie just always looks honkin imo! Nollie v bomb on the other hand, dope.

When I saw that stevie clip I thought oh damn he’s got me! Then watched it and was like aye it’s stinkin haha. Especially after a dope 360 flip like he did straight before it.


Ah man, that one actually popped.

I know what you mean when they are grass cutters. Nollie V Bomb also dope. Fakie V bombs the best.

Anyway back to illegal… I’m struggling to think this morning, usually I hate everything.

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I dug this section out to show how nice nollie tres are and do you know what… It IS stinking. Maybe everything else around it is so nice I never clocked it before.


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Grass cutter.

Sometimes a good stinker makes a video part. Ever been at a video premier and a stinking trick gets a proper big cheer? Love it! I like it when skaters do a bit of a stinker and you can tell in the clip they totally know it and laugh.

Oof, thought of a good one though


Big 'ol Fs 180 down a gap usually does it.